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    distributed, "passive" dimming

    Anyone have any good solutions for non-board based dimming? Specifically, I want to be able to individually dim three instruments without wiring extra cables or sending power to a board. I've seen shows where the lighting designer used what was basically a wall dimmer attached to an outlet box-...
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    Outdoor Lighting- No power

    Thanks for all the help, guys! In this same vein, what kind of weatherproofing would I need to do to make sure everything is safe? I figured the generator and dimmer(s) could be under a tarp in a makeshift booth, and the instruments themselves would be hung under the wood roof with a tarp...
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    Outdoor Lighting- No power

    I doubt it, considering I don't even know if we'll have a program. Do you have a ballpark estimate of what rental rates will run for a small generator? There are a few 1500w ones online that would fit our budget but don't run for long enough.
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    Outdoor Lighting- No power

    I need to provide adequate illumination for a small stage, something like 20' across and 15 feet deep. The stage is outdoors, built from raw lumber. There are no existing lighting positions, but it should be possible to rig a few fixtures to the proscenium arch. Problem is, there's no...