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    Martin MACiii performance dimming issue.

    I would guess that it's a mechanical issue with the dimmer flag(s) on the fixture. Open it up lamped off down on the deck and do the fade, and I'll bet you'll see the flags jump. I don't know a lot about these lights, but it could be a belt issue, set screw issue, motor issue, or possibly...
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    Good Network Course for our industry.

    The guys over at X-Laser put together a VERY informative video series that really breaks things down in an understandable format. Definitely worth a look.
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    Onyx (M-PC) now limiting its free software

    Given how much the NX-touch locks at only a little over $500 MAP (4u, timecode, MIDI, OSC), it's still an absolutely killer deal. I program a ton on Onyx and have ever since the M1 launched back when it was Martin's products. Incredibly powerful and also very easy to learn. They've still got...
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    Old Moving Lights... Old Technician

    Those Q-Washes look like they're from the dark ages before Chauvet did their own product development, so I'd be very wary of paying any money for them. I can't even find them listed on the Chauvet parts site, so chances of getting parts are exceedingly low. If you got them for free, sure, but...
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    Automated Fixtures What's That Massive Light?

    As far as OP's observation of a boxy light, a lot of PRG-supplied shows use a lot of Best Boy HPs. As far as Hamilton goes, the reason that doesn't look like a pancake is they had City Theatrical make some special concentric snoots for...
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    Altman PHX LED Leko Soft Focus Accessory

    That's frustrating. I'd get in touch with the installer and question where are the necessary parts that you paid for and are required for proper operation of the units. If that doesn't work, I'd definitely suggest getting the right film at some point, it does wonders. I don't know how much...
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    Altman PHX LED Leko Soft Focus Accessory

    Many manufacturers ship their fixtures with this, I'm surprised Altman doesn't. From my understanding it's more of a holographic filter than straight diffusion, though in a pinch I have put diffusion in the gobo slot of an LED leko to smooth out the color field. The holofilm will do a better...
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    WTB: Old Lighting Console

    If an old ETC Expression or Insight would work, the early versions of those pop up on eBay all the time for cheap. 24 faders on the Expression and 72 or 108 on the Insight (depending on model). Very durable chassis. Or, if you want more keys and 2 sets of faders, the old Purple Monster...
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    Mover selection help

    For only $2K, see if you can find used Rogue R1 Washes. They provide great colors, great zoom, and have 16 bit pan/tilt/dim/color control for those smooth fades. They're bright enough to have some punch in your space, get beamy enough for cool looking effects in haze, and are very reliable...
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    Elation Artiste Mondrian

    I think anyone who has heard Matthias talk about something he is passionate about wants a Matthias talks Spectracolor video.
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    Mover selection help

    If you can get by without color mixing, check out the Chauvet DJ Intimidator 475Z and the ADJ Focus Spot 6Z. They're still not "theatrical grade" as it were, but they'll be reliable little movers that have enough zoom to be used, whereas a lot of the lower level DJ units won't. If you're able...
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    Elation Artiste Mondrian

    @theatricalmatt It is actually 7 separate color flags - CMY/RGB/CTO - no RGB LEDs. I think they did this for a few reasons - 1) Red, green, and blue are notoriously bad in CMY color systems, and most fixtures with CMY systems have saturated colors as dedicated chips on the fixed color wheel -...
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    Floor Mount for C-Clamps

    I've seen what you're taking about before, it was a custom built thing for that shop last time I saw one. Kinda reminds me of the Christie Lites truss toppers though, they can also be used as a floor base for a fixture with a clamp on it - I've seen them prop up LED lekos before if they're...
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    Light duty travel case for Strand NEO console recommendations

    Check this out - SKB and Gator both make a lot if different size audio mixer cases, this is the best match I could find (there is a smaller SKB one, but the width dimension is too close - not enough clearance for proper padding). ETA - here's an offering from Gator as well, not as durable but...
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    Running a hazer with smoke alarms in exhaust ducts

    The MDG Atmosphere uses CO2 as a pressure source to generate the best haze I've ever seen - it's not a CO2 low fogger. You might want to take a look at it as super small particle size could help in your case. However, they are very expensive and you have to buy CO2 gas as well as the MDG fluid...