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    Sch. 40 for offsetting curtain from truss

    I've seen it done before, it is labor intensive but fine. To cut down on the perpendiculer spans you could slightly stagger the parallel pipes.
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    Tree around a truss

    I didn't call it out on the drawing but I was being lazy and only drew half of the tree. 🙃🙃🙃
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    Tree around a truss

    That does make it a little more complicated. I'd think about cheeseboroughing some pipe perpendicular to the truss so you can slide each half on and then join them with coffin locks to help hide the seam. I'll warn you there are so many flavors of 12" truss out there if you can't get the exact...
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    Tree around a truss

    Will the trees need to be finished prior to construction or will the scenic work happen after they are installed around the truss?
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    Hit me with some curtain rentals

    Without knowing where you are located or the length of rental I'd suggest
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    Nocti Test for tech theater?

    I would be very interested to know how much this test cost. I feel any amount is more than questions like the one below are worth.I'm sure the test would say 4 is the correct answer. But who should wear a hardhat more, the rigging crew tossing iron on the loading bridge, the audio crew member...
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    Truck Estimates

    Another vote for drawing it out or taping it out on the shop floor if you have the time and space before you need to confirm the amount of cans required.
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    Labor Shortage

    I worry about the middle of the pack people. The top tier either made enough to ride out 2020 or were able to hustle up some gigs to get through and are waiting to get back to their old gigs. The entry level folks likely were making about the same at their temp jobs as they were working in the...
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    Automated Movement of Props/Scenery (Stepper Motors?)

    If you can't afford manpower its going to be a tough push to be able to get a reliable automation system.The first step would be figuring out how many axes of movement do you need. To keep costs down being able to reuse an axes is ideal. Like one track midstage to handle 3 scenes and another...
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    Cue lights... RF or cabled or what?

    My skills lack in RF so personally I would look at a wifi or cable based solution.It looks like there are some RS 485 boards that would make getting two arduinos to talk pretty easy. There is some example code that you should be able to tweak for a cue light system pretty easily. Because it...
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    Floor Mount for C-Clamps

    I'm a big fan of things that nest. And I had a couple free minutes so I'll toss my idea out.
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    Large HS Auditorium and Black Box Upgrade

    Why do you expect your dimmer rack to die in the next few years? My gut says you are about halfway through the usable life of a CD80 rack.
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    Conventional Fixtures Looking for options on a LED Iris Leko or framing projector.

    my gut says this is a good time to use a custom gobo.
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    More Covidiots/ranting.

    So like working at any convention center in America? :grin::grin::grin:
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    I'm a guest speaker. Me???

    I would focus more on some planning and head of department stuff and less on helping them be a better local.I'd break it down into sections, 15 minutes on general planning, 10 minutes or R&R touring, 10 minutes on Theater touring and 10 minutes on one offs.General -Chain of Command...