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    Sae or Promedia for audio

    there job placement for 09 was 87.6 percent (TN states website)any way since I am going down there to tour MTSU just in case my rents find a way to get the money, I scheduled a tour at SAE, I mean I figure the worst case scenario is that I come out of it with some basic knowledge of recording...
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    Sae or Promedia for audio

    Well Gaff, and I know I have posted many threads here regarding my education, so I apperciate the input, any way my problem is that I have all of my gen eds that will transfer out, the problem is that I only have 30k for the last leg of my school (and thats with some good luck from a loan fairy)...
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    Sae or Promedia for audio

    Hey guys, I was planning on going to Middle tennsee state for audio next semester, however I have found out that I probably can not afford to start and finish their program, so I was wondering if anyone knew anything of sae's 9 month program in Nashville (nashville is the area I plan on going...
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    Opportunity for Phoenix Members

    Are you guys an organization that is open to any one, or do you guys hire. the reason I ask is my old school had a similar organization, and they ran under the schools orginzational guidelines, however the operated like a corporate company, hiring students, and living others out who had done...
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    Live sound reinforcement at Columbia, other possible schools?

    Hey guys. so I know a good chunk of this forum consists of students, and professionals with degrees, so I figured I would come here to ask this. I am looking at going to columbia college next semester, however due to some family problems, I have to pay my own way, I am obviously going for live...
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    micing dance recital

    thanks guys, i am going to do the shotguns across the apron, and if it dosent work at rehearsel they said they will go with question, whats the best software to run the music?
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    So how unsafe are these walls?

    For our show wizard of oz we have four 16 foot tall woods, built with one by and luan, the front two walls are held up by a brace and scrwed to the floor, these two walls seem safe, however our other six walls arebeing held up on battons and scrwed into the floor, they are also warped and...
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    micing dance recital

    ok so i need to know how to mic a dance recitial to pickup tap shoes, and i learned our floor mics belong to drama so those are out, im down to 4-5 sm58s across the deck (which will be harder because were going to have three monitor speakers) i may have accses to three shotgun mics, or 2 sm94s
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    Cirque's La Nouba

    For lack of a better word the show was ORGASMIC! it was worth the money, and I personally am glad i got a cheaper seat, any way i hung out and talked to the sound tech after the show, and they have 2 cadacs that are worth 500k a piece (im not sure how true that is, but id believe it) i would...
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    Cirque's La Nouba

    any one on here seen this, or work on it and is it worth the 75 bucks ? im going tonight on the recommendation of my td
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    I want to work a summer stock, some one help me?

    Im looking for a summer stock, any where in the us, it needs to inculde housing and 75-100 dollars a week for food, any one have any clue where i can go?
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    Microphones aight, dumb question

    ok, so its time for my schools talent show, and we just bought two sm94s, that are friggin awsome, any way we have an accepella group preforming, and there hard to hear in the back of the house, so on top of a solo mic i was thinking of putting the sm94s, or two sm58s on the outter front corners...
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    summer touring job

    hey guys, i am looking for a summer job, and would love to do something involving touring, does anybody know anything about this kind of work, i am graduating high school in june, and could only work for 3 months.
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    so i got into, and am going to western illinois university, but i cant decide what to major in (broaadcast tech, or theater) i know the broadcast degree would give me and my family insurence benifits later on in life if i work for a broadcasting company, however i really want to do light design...
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    ok, please dont kill me for asking this, but has any one here been to the art institute for audio production...come on it prolly is better then full sail