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    VARILITE Series 300 Protocol

    I'm working on a very ambitious project. I'm trying to get a VARILITE VL6 working for fun. I do not have a Smart Repeater or DMX Power Pack (which would solve all my problems) so I'm trying to make my own. I know the fixture runs on 24VDC, the lamp power is passed through to the fixture, and...
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    Studio Color 575 dichroic deterioration

    We have several Studio Color 575's (version pre 2000 and post) and notice that some of the colors are not consistent, specifically the magenta color mixing wheel and dark reds on the color wheel. Strangely enough we have noticed this occurance with some colors on our Technobeam I's...
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    Design Issues and Solutions 2u/4u Road Case With Clamp

    I wanted to know if anyone knew of a 2u or 4u rack road case which could be flown. The application would be a data splitter, or power distribution. Is there a preexisting case or simple modification that can be done to a road case so it can accept a pipe clamp safely? Thank You
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    Automated Fixtures Automated Lighting maintenance lubricants

    What hardware-store lubricants would you recommend for maintaining automated lights? I dont want to be special ordering expensive lubricants if I dont have to. I would also imagine that the lubricant would have to be safe around high temperature situations and/or optical path (MSD 250). This...
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    Automated Fixtures Technobeam 32 degree lens kit

    I own two Technobeam I's that have worked great. They have their standard 11-17 degree lens set but i would like a wider degree. I know a 32 degree lens set was optional from High End. I haven't been able to find any though. Does anyone know of a parts/accessories store which sells one of...
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    Automated Fixtures Technobeam Bulb Focus

    I purchased two Technobeam i's used. The bulbs were at the end of their lives so I replaced them. The factory bulb for the Technobeam is a Philips MSD 250/2 with 6500 K. I could not find the factory bulb, so i used Philips MSD 250 with 6500k. I found the MSD 250/2 but it was 8500K. Too cold...
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    Conventional Fixtures Altman 360Q HPL?

    I am my high school's lighting designer/technician. We have 40-50 Altman 360Qs (575 watt) and 14 source fours (575 watt). Because of this we have both bulb types...575 FLK and 575 HPL. It is rare for me to change a bulb on a source four, but our 360Qs burn bulbs like nobody's business. I was...