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    Low-latency IP cameras

    I know we're both just geeking out here at this point, but remember that with analog the display is, on the average, half a frame behind, because of the nature of the scan; we perceive the older part image due to a combination of persistence of the phosphor and persistence of vision until the...
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    Low-latency IP cameras

    Thank you all for the replies. I had hoped for something IP based, and I see that I'm out of luck. As @Scenemaster60 notes, I would have to have access to the wiring closet to repatch the cat5/cat6 to run HDBase-T. I shall, as we so often do, figure something else out.
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    Low-latency IP cameras

    Have a situation where we want to set up an IP camera on the director in the pit and a display for singers backstage. I've tried security cameras but the ones I've looked at have a delay of at least 200-300 milliseconds, sometimes more depending on the codec settings. I'd like to use a...
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    Network Administrator introduces a new wrinkle

    Bluetooth is usually unaffected by the practice you describe. It is specific to WiFi. True, except for bluetooth. That is often one of the goals. Usually, the IT department wants to avoid any sort of WiFi access it cannot control and filter, as a means of making their policy enforcement...
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    Hello from lighting designer in Minnesota

    Hello, everyone. I've been following Control Booth for a while and decided to participate a little more actively, so here I am. I work stipendary gigs as a lighting designer and master electrician for several community theater companies in Minnesota. Day job is in an unrelated field.