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    Conventional Fixtures C-Clampery

    I know this was posted somewhere else, but those posts gave no answers I was looking for. I'm trying to purchase a ratcheting wrench(s) to use for hanging lighting. I'm tired of using a crescent which takes forever. And I dont want to spend the big bucks to get the ultimate focus tools right...
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    Scenic Automation

    Everything you are sending is quite helpful!!
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    Scenic Automation

    I wouldn't do it myself no, it would be bought. I'm studying technical theater right now, and I'm working on a project for scenic design class. We won't be learning this but I want to incorporate it into my design for the project. I wouldn't need to physically purchase it, but more so need to...
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    Scenic Automation

    My question is. I know that most touring productions and a lot of broadway houses, and so forth have sets and scenic elements that travel on and off stage via tracks. I understand that there is automation cable underneath. How does it work, where can you purchase, and are there other options...