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    Theater Tech with Live-Streaming?

    Zoom Basic account limits up to 100 participants to 40 minutes. Pro account limits you to up to 100 participants with no time limit. Pro accounts can be upgraded with Large Meeting add-on to accommodate up to 500 or up to 1000.
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    Theater Tech with Live-Streaming?

    There is a setting in Zoom to "Allow live streaming meetings" (under In Meeting Advanced) that might work for the audience. Zoom meeting for all the remote actors, then start the Facebook or YouTube Live stream.
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    Broadcasting Legality Questions

    The original source material may be out of copyright but I would suspect the "arrangements" that school groups play may still be under copyright by the arranger/publisher.
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    Sound effect machine from stage for improvisors

    I don't believe it can playback cues simultaneously. When cues are assigned to hotkeys, pressing a hotkey will stop the current playback and start the new cue.
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    Sound effect machine from stage for improvisors

    Yes - Instant Replay would be ideal. Pricey new, but there are a few on eBay right now. (eBay - Instant Replay 360)
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    Dante certification

    Thanks to this thread I have now started taking the courses. I don't have any Dante devices yet but definitely see the advantages. Plus when I told my boss I took the Level 1 Certification, he told me to "go buy a couple dongles". Thanks, boss.
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    Tablet Mixer Cue Playback for Touring Theatre

    I really love my Soundcraft Ui for smaller scale stuff like this. It has a USB port for playback and it is really easy to use the tablet to play those cues (in Manual mode it stops after each track). There are multiple USB ports and from what I can tell they all do playback as well as recording...
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    LAN Problems with Crestron Unit

    Crestron DMPS engineer said it was showing the correct firmware version. Touch panel engineer noted that the panel had defaulted to a local IP address (169.264...) so put the responsibility back on our local network.
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    LAN Problems with Crestron Unit

    Responses to your questions above in bold. The campus network is connected to a POE switch in the rack. I will switch the processor to DHCP on and see what happens while I wait for a response from the Net Admin. Thanks for your help thus far.
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    LAN Problems with Crestron Unit

    So after spending nearly 2 hours on the phone with Crestron support (which is great btw), I discovered that our LAN connection in the booth was dead. That was ultimately the end of Crestron being able to help get our DMPS3 unit working again. Of course our Network guy was off, and my network...
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    Remembering Mini Disc

    I have similar fond memories of my MD years. Started out using them in radio for recording phone calls. Still bust out my portable one to listen to the dozens of "bootleg" recordings I made... Recently found this in one of the venues on campus (Hartwick College). Still operational although I...
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    Projector recommendations

    Raspberry Pi. I've been experimenting with them for looping video too and was about to start a thread about this. I currently have 2 in 24/7 use - 1 in a museum piece and 1 in a public display. Here's my go to brand -
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    Wireless Rode Wireless Go

    BUT 2.4 GHZ. I'm intrigued but nervous. I almost bought one of the new Sennheiser XS packages but was worried about it's reliability in my crowded wifi environment. I really need something like this for a variety of reasons; interested to hear a real world review.
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    Where to get cheap royalty-free sound fx?

    I've used AudioBlocks for sfx & music beds. If you can find a free trial (that's what I did) you can get a limited number of downloads and I believe you can use the files forever. If not, you can pay $15 to sign up for 1 month, download unlimited files and also use forever. Not the greatest but...