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    Fabric for Silhouette Windows

    Well, being a frugal person, could you possibly use the color of the lights to conceal a painted on silhouette of a jungle on the material used in the windows? Use a blue paint for the palms and they'll "vanish" in the blue light and when in the jungle scenes will appear blackish in red/orange...
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    Steam FX

    One way that we made steam effects is through the use of a pnumatics mixed with a fog machine. Basically we had a fog chamber where the fog machine pumped into. We had pvc pipe that lead from the box of fog and had drilled holes through and through the pipe where we wanted steam to appear. One...
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    Haze effect

    were you loking for this kind of effect? watch the whole video clip. it is a clip from the show corteo by cirque. i espicaly like the small clip at about 3:36 with the angel turning in the background.
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    yeah I wasn't trying to be literal but I like the advice in this thread.
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    I know that someone in this forum has done the play Dracula. Our school is doing this play, and I was wondering how y'll did some of the things that the script calls for such as these: Renfield's openning monologue when he starts to eat a rat. Van Helsing drawing blood for lucy and last but...
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    Um, Let's Take An Intermission (Wireless Woes)

    when I lived on Kauaii I helped back stage of the daily performance of south pacific at one of the hotels.and they were training a new sound guy and he read a cue wrong and turned on one of the mics of one of the actors backstage. who was unfortunately in the bathroom at the time.
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    explosion effect

    Hello I am starting this year in tech class but also have a background of being a magician. the way I would do this is have a boxwith pannels that are hinged to a base te pannels would be slightly off centered so that they will fall. on each of the pannels on the back ey would have an eye let...
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    cell phones

    Can Cellphones dirupt a wireless mic system? If it does how can you keep this from happening, besides asking people to turn off there cell phone.