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    Presonus Studio Live 24.4.2 or Behringer X32

    I re-read your initial post, and I still do not see any glaring requirement for 24 faders. "Finding eq and compression" on a channel is part of a real world exercise outside your class room, so if your students progress and find themselves out in the real world on various other desks where 24...
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    Presonus Studio Live 24.4.2 or Behringer X32

    Why would you require 24 faders access "all the time"... Why don't you set a group of channels (drum kit), whatever, up on ONE dca, Bass on Two, Gtrs on 3, keys on 4....and use that and "bury" those faders on the first layer, and work on the second layer... There should be no reason why you...
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    bi-amping question

    ohhhhhh yes. :rolleyes:
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    behringer x32

    Re: Looking for a Professional Sound Dude in Houston You should also post here in the marketplace as well... Sound Forums Network - The Front Page
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    Good PA brands and models for a church

    I agree with what everyone has said so far... (RE Getting someone to look at your space and choose speakers to best be used in that space) For what you were initiall asking though, there are several "high end" options for you to choose from. Meyer, L'accoustics, Nexo, Danley, D&B, EV, EAW...
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    Underpowered power amp question

    Connor - my initial thoughts is good on you to get some information here, but I'm afraid that is all over your head at the moment, and as others have stated you have a real potential to a) hurt someone, or cause damage to the building and or equipment. First thing - you should not run amplified...
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    Need Help Naming My company..

    I think you should use your last name in the name, since both of you are involved, and worst case, they can always find your personal contact info, if that's the only part they can remember... So I'm thinking like PATEL EVENTS SOLUTIONS (PES) - using the word "event" encompasses the wedding, and...
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    PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI as a church FOH mixer?

    Every console is going to have it's specific naming conventions ( aux 1, bus 1 send 1), if you understand what you are trying to do, you'll get there. Again there is already a weath of information on this console online to be mined at any time. Note the midas venice console attached... FX1, 2...
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    PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI as a church FOH mixer?

    I'm sure if you walked into your local behringer retailer, you would be able to swing some sort of package deal for an X32, and a couple S16 snake heads..especially being a church ( if you check the behringer thread in this forum, somebody got an even better deal on thier X32), check that thread...
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    PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI as a church FOH mixer?

    I have no "irons in the fire here" as to which mixer the Op installs... but as the owner of a proaudio sound and lighting company, I get asked to do installs all the time, and for "my opinion" all the time. This does NOT make me an expert, but I do not ever quote the "good enough for now" option...
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    PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI as a church FOH mixer?

    If the user group is not yet advanced enough in routing to "figure out" advanced routing techniques, there's nothing to say they actually HAVE to change the stock routing in the console. Upon power up, ch 1 is still ch 1, aux 1 is aux 1.... nobody says you have to change anything Again someone...
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    behringer x32

    I think what you are asking in a nut shell, is can an X32rack act as a S16 snake head - yes Can you cat 5 from an X32rack, and s16 to an X32 and have the control at the X32 yes... Can the X32 rack, or producer be a monitor console on stage, and then cat 5 to the X32 out front.... yes... All of...
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    PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI as a church FOH mixer?

    As others have said, if you want a straight comparison "one vs the other"... The pluses of the Behringer: The Behringer sounds better (warmer), it has the digital CAT 5 snake option S16, it has the monitor P16 control option, it has flying faders it's now open to waves plug ins... it does not...
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    Reasons not to get cheap moving head lights

    One thing that hasn't been covered is whatever light you get, you'd better make sure there is a profile on your moving light desk to support it, or you are able to use another manufactuerers profile, or you are able to make your own. As for the blizzard product specifically, I've used the...
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    Sound System Design/Bid/Installation Questions

    I didn't read anything about concert planning, but I did read a whole lot about room treatment, and some other drivel about someone not knowing what they are talking about.... :roll: