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    will be doing my first "load out"

    Good luck! I'm still looking to find my way back in the door, but I haven't talked to anyone yet.
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    Absolute Beginner

    Welcome!! I'm fairly new too. Right now I want to get back on the call list, waiting for the right time to talk to my TD. I would also like to get into lighting.
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    Hi, I'm new too!

    FUN!!!!! I so want to get back into it here, working shows that is.
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    Community Theatre Set Builder!

    I'm involved in Community Theater too. It's a blast. I just got started with them so I'm wanting to do some set building.
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    Moving over

    I want to learn more about sound, and lights too.
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    New here

    Welcome! I'm new too and have already gotten helpful advice. :)
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    How do you contact......

    I have notified that I need to talk, just have to find the right time now. Thanks, everyone!
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    Hi, I'm new too!

    Wowza!! I haven't ran much equipment but I have been a genie pusher. LOL We have a skidsteer on the ranch we use to feed horses but I don't even know how to run that. What types of rodeos do you work? Pro, amateur?
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    How do you contact......

    Thanks! You seem to understand! :)
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    How do you contact......

    your supervisor? I need to schedule a one on one but I don't want to be a pest or show up unannounced. HELP
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    What inspired you to get into technical theatre?

    Let's see....... Ever since I was little watching music videos, I was always interested in what was going on behind the scenes. I watched alot of stuff on TNN and CMT, some live shows and music videos. In second grade, I was excited to be on stage for the first time in a vocal music program. I...
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    Hi, I'm new too!

    Thanks, I definitely will keep learning. I was taken off the call list but I am working on getting back on so I can learn more. I've also worked with dogs, been a kennel assistant, groomer, bather, etc. Thought I might want to be a groomer but then got hooked on this. This is my niche if the...
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    Hi, I'm new too!

    I've posted a little already but I'm new too. I've been at this for about a year. I'm currently struggling but determined to get back where I was. I'm also involved in Community Theater. I'm always willing to learn and do more. I've been a carp, had some light work and also been on a catwalk...
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    Getting back on a call list URGENT!!!

    Thank you everyone for the tips! I just have to find a way to get a hold of them now w/o being a pest.