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    LED vs Conventional

    Probably the main reasons that LEDs have become the standard for current theatres are: 1. current lighting instructors (many of them work in the industry, too) are familiar with what is available and LED provides so much more versatility, and 2. designers of systems are using almost all LED...
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    Microphones Carrie Blood Drop

    Countryman folks sometimes will have a can of coke in their booth at trade shows, and take the mic off and dip it in the coke can. You could hear the bubbly fizz. Call Countryman - I bet they will approve a liquid "spill" and cleanup for their mics. Be sure to use a mic with a good cable. Our...
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    Backstage Intercom Best Solution

    You have a wealth of great information here, and I do not disagree with any of it. A good 70v system is essential. I am a freelance A1/A2, and I will share with you a neat "trick" I employ on one particular amateur variety show. Since the house has a good sound system with plenty of monitor...
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    Replacing Par64s

    I install lights in churches as one of my side gigs. Same $$ issues as yours. Here is another vote for the Chauvet Slimpar ProH. Great color, and fairly bright output for the $$. And another great light for the money is the Chauvet DJ EVE 50 for key light. I was looking for something to...
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    Strand 500ML Console

    I sure appreciated all of your input. We had some bids come in that offered ETC as an alternate. So far I have yet to find a glowing report re: strand consoles. And the word "regret" keeps coming up. I will update this post as decisions are made. (The bean counters on the third floor make most...
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    Strand 500ML Console

    Yikes - I just re-read the spec. It is actually a Phillips Neo. Now more research....
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    Strand 500ML Console

    Mike - i really appreciate your input. I know and trust ETC, but am curious about any successful (or un) Strand installations. Anybody else have any experience?
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    Strand 500ML Console

    The consultant is Idibri (independent of brand) - one of the most respected firms in the nation - and a group I worked with almost 30 years ago. (I think) They have allied with Wenger on this gig - and Wenger seems to be in bed with Strand. We are very wary of this option, but I wanted to get...
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    Installs Bluetooth input for gymnasium sound system

    I try to use a wired mic instead of wireless when I can get away with it. Bluetooth as accompaniment is a very ill conceived idea. An XLR cable with a direct box and a source with an output is the best way to go. I have installed Denon CD players with bluetooth in a couple of dance classrooms...
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    Strand 500ML Console

    Our school (junior college) has contracted a consultant that is pushing a Strand 500ML instead of ETC controls. Do any of you fine folks have any experience with the console? good or bad - I need all your input. Thanks! Chris
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    Strand 500ML Console

    Well...... what are your thoughts?
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    Behringer x32 cabling requirements

    I have seen a few mentions of "more expensive cable". Shielded cat6 is about $160 for 1000'. That's not that expensive. Plus - Ethercon is nice, and not much more expensive than shielded cat connectors, but a good shielded cable with plain shielded cat connectors will work - it still completes...
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    Projection Screen Material - On a budget

    For home movie stuff - anything will work. I put a sheet on the inside of the garage door for the kids. With some good speakers - it is very cool. At the church where I work, we just painted the walls the same as the rest of the walls. Color correct the projectors for the walls - and voila...
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    The Cheap LED Round-Up

    I have used four different Elation lights recently. I went with them based partially on posts from CB. And $$. I used Opti Tri Pars, Eled Par 56, Pro Par 56, and Pro Par CWWW. In both cases I had a short throw - about 8-15'. Here is my take: Into the first room I put the Pro Par lights...
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    Fixing the sound of my kid's Cafe-Gym-Atorium

    Hi Gaff. I am Chris - I have worked in sound and video for about 27 years, and have been involved in large scale events for the last 15 years. I do both live sound, and media system installation. Frequently - when we are in a big room with parallel walls - and mainly when there is a large...