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  1. crescent wrench

    A Crescent Wrench, or C Wrench, is a trade name for an adjustable angle head wrench. The Crescent Wrench is made by Cooper Hand Tools, however many companies make very similar adjustable wrenches. The wrench is mainly used in electrics, or the lighti...
  2. Stage Manager

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    Free Stuff from Kelite!

    Perf gel has changed my life........ (seriously though, I order it for every show that I do, and it is great)
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    AMDJ does it again...

    more like the "show squirt gun"
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    new Edison Plugs

    Lex gave me a couple to try. We took them to the shop and put 12/3 soow cable in them, and gave them a try. The thing that we first noticed is that the clamping mechanism really doesn't save much time. There are already 5 screws to deal with (on the strain relief and to hold the plug in the...
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    Favorite Gel Colors

    I've never seen a rock band, DJ, club, or amateur lighting guy that didn't LOVE congo blue.......I would think that since there are a few hundred weekend wedding DJ's for every one theatre, I would imagine that Congo Blue is a top 10 best seller.
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    My son's wedding

    ohhhhh nope, not me. You must be thinking of another scary person.
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    My son's wedding

    i know of it, but have not worked there. Why do you ask?
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    Chauvet COLORado 1

    I do doubt that Chauvet is making submarines just yet...... I agree with your statement, but I think that it is a legitimate question. Their gear is known to be rather low in quality, and for good reason. A local sound and lighting company just bought 48 of the COLORado 3's, and 22 had to be...
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    My son's wedding

    Congrats to the bride and groom! My brother is getting married on Dec 7th (a day that will live in infamy)...and I ordered a very similar gobo from Apollo today!
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    Favorite Gel Colors

    Doesn't anyone else use Apollo? My favorites are 8550, 4720, 6600, and 7250. I also have found the chocolate brown (7600 if I remember correctly) to be GREAT for indoor "fire" scenes. It is great for darker scenes that are possibly torch or candle lit such as the tavern scene from "Beauty...
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    Cheapest Mover.....1000 watts

    Chauvet StageMover (or S Mover) I think that it has been mentioned here before, but I could not find a review, so I thought that I would post one. A Chauvet dealer owed me money for a show that I did for him and didn't have it, so I took (2) of the Chauvet StageMovers that he had on his...
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    Chauvet COLORado 1

    I will admit that the COLORado 6 was MUCH brighter than the 3, and I think that it is a step in the right direction. It was turned on and sitting on a stand about table height, and could be seen fairly well on the ceiling at LDI (which is 40' to beam if I remember correctly). Once again, not...
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    Favorite Gel Colors

    I got a great deal on some gel today (another person placed a huge order and I jumped on their order for the good pricing) and bought 100+ sheets myself. I use quite a bit for different types of shows (theatrical, corporate, rock shows, etc...) as well as stocking it for others. I thought it...
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    Fire Marshall.........oops!

    We did show the Fire Marshall the packaging. He tested it, and it did what plastic does, it melted a little bit and then curled a little and went out. There were no open flames, just low fog (Aquafog 3300), 8 movers (coemar prospots and Mac 550's), a dozen scrollers (only Apollo!), and a...