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    Techie sayings

    Before the last show of a run, our TD will gather us in the back shop and give us a pep talk. (For our spring musicals we all say goodbye to the outgoing seniors too.) Then we'll all put our hands in and say "FTC" on three. It's supposed to mean F*** The Cast... but we all say it means For The...
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    Crew music

    We usually only listen to music when we're cleaning out the shop or when we have free time. The person who controls the music in the booth really likes country music, so we really don't have a choice of what to listen to. :P Thankfully, almost everyone likes country, so no one really complains.
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    What inspired you to get into technical theatre?

    In 7th grade, I decided to join stage crew for the school's production of The Music Man. I remember the high school's stage manager, Melinda, showing us the ropes (literally; she showed us the curtain control ropes first). I, along with a few other friends, volunteered for run crew. We didn't do...
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    Hello crew world!

    Hi everyone! I'm Cassie, and I am so glad that I found this website. I'm currently a high school freshman, and I've been on stage crew for only 2 productions (but that number certainly will grow!). I primarily do run crew, where I move most of the big set pieces. I also dabble a little in props...