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    Powering Moving Set Pieces and Props?

    My 2 cents: We were recently facing similar dilemma for a human-powered parade wagon, with spinning Globe , LED lites, and bubble machine...the plan was inverters/ 12V/ etc. During one of our tests, at home, the power went out in neighborhood & our "battery-backup" started chirping periodically...
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    How Do I Learn In College?

    Ditto on all the kudos for Engineering focus...there is so much need & overlap in theater/ entertainment big & small. And far too few folks with the diverse mechanical/ engineering wizardry to repair/ design/ re-imagine gear, especially in smalltowns. As to your studies, take the opportunity to...
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    A video about lime lights and a question.

    Fantastically Geeky... shared with other lighting geeks. Thank you!
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    DIY clearcom or cheap solution

    Ditto on the EarTec Ultra Lite system (4) wires, no base, no interference...(which we had with other systems).
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    Live event streaming software?

    We recently had a "catastrophic failure" with our booth PC system just prior to a live major event we were to stream. It involved LiveStream, and though we thought it was rectified, it failed as the event was beginning. We had a failsafe on the the camera set-up, but are looking for options for...
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    Control/Dimming dmxPHONE

    fyi. We have an older ETC Express, so I'm told this won't help us...I'm still lokking to make this MagicQ dongle work for us without alot of extra cost. *t
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    Control/Dimming dmxPHONE

    Thanks a bunch, I'll get with IT here & see what they have. *t
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    Lighting iPad App

    We are trying to accomplish the same thing at our small Community College venue...a focus remote for testing/ servicing units from catwalks or stage. We bought the Chamsys MagicQ dongle, recommended by someone here as well as other techs. But now they (Chamsys) says, no it does not have remote...
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    Control/Dimming dmxPHONE

    Does anyone remember the 'old' dmxPHONE unit that connected to your lighting console & a cordless phone, giving you a focus remote you could take onstage or to catwalks? Why can we not have something that simple now; without $800 interfaces? *t
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    Control/Dimming Lights ghosting when board off

    Yes, exactly that. Sorry for delays, I'm only here part-time.
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    Control/Dimming Lights ghosting when board off

    I'm new to this theatre, & surprised that no one has noticed or is concerned that 1/4 of units ghost when system is off. It is old EC dimming system; how can I get dimmer curve adjusted?