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    Questionable Rigging

    I was told it was high test chain which to my understanding is grade 43 and still unsuitable for overhead lifting This is correct- I am not sure if they are bent or welded shut I was told lock washers were used instead of locking nuts I am not sure how it was attached Where are these...
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    Questionable Rigging

    Hey all, I am being asked to hang some lights on truss that was hung in a manner which seemed questionable to me after having basic rigging training. It has been made clear that refusing to do so will result in the loss of my job. I spoke with several riggers and brought one onsite and they all...
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    Moving Head Fixtures

    I would recommend any of the High End fixtures if you are specifically looking for low noise. Although old now, if you want a truly silent fixture you could pick up Studio Spot 575CMY's which, other than having pretty noisy color mixing, are silent as they have no fans.
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    Cheap light boards? What's at the bottom end?

    I'll second James, . I have been installing these things and every client seems to love them. Several churches that we put them in after they were used to running Smartfade ML's can't believe how easy they are to use. It will only handle LED's or dimmers (no movers) but it certainly does so...
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    Programming Console Conventionals for touring

    So I'm about to be LD / programmer for a small tour and realized that I'm not sure what the best way to program conventionals for a tour is.. We are traveling with only a console (Hog II) and no dimmer rack. This is where I have hit a snag. Normally the only thing I have to update venue to venue...
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    True North Snow Machine Remote

    I just got several True North machines but no remotes. Does anyone have one and could tell me the pinout so I could rig something up just to test them? I have a Silent Storm and its remote uses the same connector but that remote also has the fan control in addition to the volume control that the...
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    12-Circuit Multicable

    I'm definitely interested in 2 of the 100' as well as 2 break outs. And if you would throw in the 2 bad breakups cheap possibly those too. How much for all the above and how much for just two breakouts. Thanks, Aaron
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    Need Recommendations concerning LED Tubes

    The alley im working on right now has these and they are pretty fantastic. Just what you are looking for however I am sure they are quite pricey. Xtreme Lighted Capping - QubicaAMF Aaron