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    Frowning Soft Goods: Scrim, Cyc, Bounce

    That's an interesting thought. I would think the chain would cause a bit of bunching in the cyc at the bottom. I know we have to stretch ours out along the bottom pipe from time to time. THe rigidity of the pipe keeps it taut to the outsides.
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    Cyc lighting...what to choose?

    We demoed the CS Cycs. The dimming was enough to make a grown man weep, but they were not punchy enough for us to get away with just a top row. And being a HS roadhouse with me as the only paid adult in the building I just don't have the capability to maintain a groundrow of $1300 fixtures. I...
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    Wizard of Oz Hot Air Balloon help

    We did the basket on rollers as described and flew the balloon and rigging on a traveler. No performer flying. The basket rolled out and a hand pulled the traveler at the same time. With enough practice it was believable enough that it was all moving in tandem. The balloon was either just...
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    How to speed up strobe

    Are you strobing via the console (running a command on the Element to do a strobe effect) or by using a macro on the fixture? In my experience, especially with the more generic flavored LEDs they tend to do better strobing with the built-in effects vs. running an effect via the console. I...
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    Tis the season to cover the stage in snow

    Is everyone on the planet doing Almost, ME right now? :D I'm trying to brainstorm a walkable slope bank with a platform. Not a big slope but a taper from about 5" off the deck to the floor. Thinking of cutting plywood ribs with a taper and covering with more plywood then coating with dope or...
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    ChamSys QuickQ 10

    This is wild. I was literally just looking at this console for a friend who is setting up new equipment in a small religious space. Was looking at the ETC Colorsource console, but it seems limiting in only allowing 40 fixtures, not sure how many DMX channels that is. The Chamsys seems like a...
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    What is it?

    I'd wager the disc brake is used to hold the mechanism, not necessarily slow it. If you're on reddit you should post it to the whatisthisthing subreddit. Those guys can figure out anything.
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    Death rattle of the PAR64, continued.

    There is one company I know of that is marketing a PAR64 drop in LED replacements. It doesn't seem to be economically better than replacing the fixture with either an S4 PAR or an LED fixture in most cases. I doubt there'll be much competition in that market so I can't see the price getting lower.
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    Frozen Effects for let it go song!

    I've seen a couple of spray can Elsa's on YouTube at this point. I think this is the low-budget winner. Good choreo makes this pretty darn entertaining!
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    EQ? Compression? Gain? Yikes....

    I'd consider myself lucky if they actually all emailed me an mp3. Most of the time they end up coming to the booth with their phone and no dongle to hook it up with.
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    Pyro mishap, Tennessee Titans

    Was in marching band at FSU and one of our things was to have baton twirlers that used flaming batons. They had a good system, using a metal box that contained the batons and could be closed to extinguish them. Works fine until someone kicks over the box and the kerosene spills out all over...
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    Using Boom Stands to hang a curtain

    We did exactly this when we turned out stage into a blackbox last year. We also ended up bringing down a spare, tying it off and hanging a border along it, all at about 10' trim. By the time the different angles of pipe were assembled it had cross-braced itself pretty well against deflection...
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    Nutcracker growing Xmas Tree

    The ballet company we host does the growing tree with fabric and 1x stiffeners sewn into the tree. The front is decorated with garland and bows and they have a couple of engineer stage dads that wired in some LED lighting in an array to allow for it to light up on cue. Top is suspended to the...
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    I had a gig in high school that sometimes involved installing paging horns on PBX systems. Learned a lot about 70v systems and the important difference between series and parallel in electrical wiring. There are quite a few warehouses in the central Florida area that also still have these...
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    Audio Power Distribution

    I'm most familiar with the A&H digital boards and really like them and how they structure their workflow. I've got to say though, the M32 has grown on me. It's definitely a bit more rigid and utilitarian in some ways, but it still gives you a lot of features for the price and sounds about as...