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    Who's using digital wireless with a unified receiver?

    Generally no single commercially available link or step in the signal chain is going to cause noticeable problems. Where you get into trouble is when they are combined in unfavorable ways - the milliseconds add up.Digital wireless over the air -> XLR on an analog console: very unlikely to be...
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    Securing a semi-permanent FOH console

    It was long out of warranty. The MUSIC Group said we could ship it to Vegas; the boss was going to do that "next week" for 8 months. I think he never really liked it (analog guy nearing retirement age, kept it in a closet and used an A&H analog for most things until I made it a daily driver)...
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    Securing a semi-permanent FOH console

    Great suggestions! The adhesive lock port is elegant, cheap, and unobtrusive... would certainly deter the most casual of thieves, but the most casual of thieves isn't coming after a sound board anyway. I worry that anyone with the skills to fence (or, more likely, personally use) an LS9 has the...
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    Securing a semi-permanent FOH console

    I work in a campus theater that, at my request, recently established a semi-permanent FOH mix position and acquired an LS9 to fill it. It was a stretch for our budget, and I was very happy about it, and I'd like to make sure it stays safe. It spends the academic year, however, on a folding table...
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    Multiple cues at once?

    QLab. It'll change your life.
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    HS Sound Tech looking for advice!

    Every digital board has an analog board inside it (conceptually, not actually), with a bunch more stuff piled on. Your iLive is a high-end precision instrument, but it is entirely possible to mix a great-sounding musical on a $400 analog Mackie. Don't feel obligated to use features just because...
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    Who's using DMX to control volume faders?

    QLab playing audio and firing cues over a virtual MIDI loopback interface (available by default in OSX) has worked for us many times in the past.
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    Control/Dimming Getting Nomad to talk to a Net2 network

    Got it working by flashing one of my nodes with Pathport and using that to do sACN->DMX into a normally functioning input node.There is a weird loop in my dimmer closet now: Switch -> Hacked node doing sACN->DMX -> Normal Net2 input node -> Switch. This is... suboptimal, but we own 2 other...
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    Control/Dimming Getting Nomad to talk to a Net2 network

    The desk is an Expression 3. We all know Ion and wish we had one, but it's financially out of the question. We purchased Nomad to get an Ion-like experience for keyboard-driven shows (cued in advance, effects-heavy, etc.) The Expression 3 would remain in place for less tech-heavy, more flexible...
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    Control/Dimming Getting Nomad to talk to a Net2 network

    I found the CEM+ Software Version 3.0.0 release notes, which appear to indicate that I can software upgrade my CEM+ modules to support concurrent EDMX and sACN. That's cool, as it gets me direct control of my stage dimmers. Still interested in how and whether I might get control of my house...
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    Control/Dimming Getting Nomad to talk to a Net2 network

    Yeah, that's about what I thought. It's looking more and more like a "DMX gap" is going to be necessary somewhere, as much as I don't like the idea of it.I'm probably going to try flashing a node with Pathport anyway, because I have several nodes that I don't need (and can afford to brick)...
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    Control/Dimming Getting Nomad to talk to a Net2 network

    I do have a Nomad dongle.Everything is on a POE switch. Dimmer racks, all the lighting network drops (where we plug in nodes), all the touch-panels, etc.I believe the nodes communicate with the CEM+ units with straight Net2, as when running the board through a node, the CEM+ unit reports...
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    Control/Dimming Getting Nomad to talk to a Net2 network

    Hi CB,I'm hoping to use EOS software on my Mac in place of an aging console in our auditorium. Unfortunately, I had misidentified the lighting network as ETCNet3 on the basis of a device in the dimmer room advertising itself as a Net3 ACN gateway. Upon further investigation, it's running...
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    Stage Management Software Top 10 List

    I distribute a Google Docs form via my secret Facebook group to collect cast cell phone numbers/emergency contact info in a centrally located spreadsheet. You can then invite directors, ASMs, etc. to share the spreadsheet and have access to it.
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    Protecting a Macbook Pro

    These are upper-class suburban middle school students (I'm in high school now but it's a middle school shoow). Our theft is mostly opportunistic, and it'd take a professional, really, to pick a lock and walk off with a computer in less time than it takes me to use the bathroom, while nobody in...