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    Rear Projection Small Throw Distance available

    That's an interesting idea. I would have to figure out something that is not permanent. Our stage is so shallow that our music groups often perform with the back wall instead of a curtain because they need that extra space.
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    Rear Projection Small Throw Distance available

    I am a high school theatre teacher and I have been researching projectors, projections and specs, but I'm more confused than ever about what I'm looking for. I would like to purchase a projector to use to create some backdrops for a variety of shows including our Fall musical. I know I'm going...
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    Help: LED and Smartfade 1248

    I have walked into a school with a Smartfade 1248. They have also purchased 4 Chauvet LED PAR 64-36B instruments. My predecesor did not use the lights with the board, instead they plugged them in and ran them in standalone.I need a guide for dummies or someone to walk me through this process...