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Sep 1, 2012
Jul 14, 2012
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Member, from Perth, Western Australia

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Sep 1, 2012
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    Perth, Western Australia
    Brit born (Down Under since 1960 at the ripe old age of 3). Spent my youth "doing the sound" for garage, pub and session bands. Always been into "live" mixing - never really got into recording (I guess I prefer "raw and natural"). Spent a few years touring and living the dream... got married, divorced, re-married, re-divorced. Found my local community theatre group in 2000 (due to a woman - Will we never learn guys??) and applied my skills as a "soundie" there.... Have recently upped the ante, invested QUITE a few $$$ and half a century since I started "doing the sound" decided to go Pro!!
    Taurean Productions (my company) now has many shows under it's belt, including several Australian and World Premieres and shows no signs of slowing down.

    Wine, relaxation, music, theatre, wine, Audio Equiptment, wine, travel, and did I mention wine?

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