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    ETC S4WRD Color?

    I am sure that the folks at ETC know their market and are offering this product where it has the most potential- as a replacement/enhancement for venues that are running the 575w incandescent fixtures. For the professional venues (like my former venue) where an incandescent 575 would not cut it...
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    ETC S4WRD Color?

    My experience has been the opposite - 750 is the standard in the theatres I work in. In my former job (thanks Covid!) there was a ill-planned switch from the 750 regular life to the 750 long life lamps for a couple of years, during which we found a great loss in perceived brightness and little...
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    Streamed show lighting

    Another factor to take into account is communication between the LD and the video crew. Spend the time to talk about what it needs to look like, especially if the "creative" folks have a "look" they want. I was working as LD on recording a music act and the direction I got was "dark and moody"-...
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    Your first Memory Lighting Console

    Kliegl Performer II - I still have the storage tape from its last show in 1992. Analog control of Kliegl 6k dimmers with a hard patch panel. I think we replaced it with an ETC console (Insight or Impression) and a DMX-Analog converter. -Todd
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    Tour hardware

    Been there - done that (touring children's show, that is) many years ago. My advice for Nomad depends on how many separate universes of output you need. I have a system with Nomad on a micro PC, ETC programming wing, and multiple gateways that I use for corporate gigs (up to 12 universes). It...
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    Wet Z-Tek (Zetex) ?

    It appears that the vermiculite coating adds to the heat resistance, but the fiberglass fabric itself is inherently heat resistant. From the website: If you are concerned about the coating, get in touch with NewTex. -Todd
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    Wet Z-Tek (Zetex) ?

    It's woven fiberglass, so inherently flame resistant. -Todd
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    Crew and the new normal

    I'm rethinking my future lighting designs with the following in mind when it comes to load-in and out: Limit or eliminate anything that involves a two-person lift or carry - so no moving lights > 50 lbs. No more than 500 lbs. load per batten - enough that one person can slowly and carefully...
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    Atomic 3000 DMX Repair

    I thought the Xenon units were not being made, but they are still listed on the current products pages of the Martin website, so it seems like they are still in production and should be supported by Martin or a local Martin dealer. -Todd
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    Atomic 3000 DMX Repair

    Not according to the current manual: I could have sworn that they did not have an auto-ranging power supply. It has been several years since I have had to use the Xenon lamp version, and memory is hazy... or it may have been an earlier hardware version. -Todd
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    Atomic 3000 DMX Repair

    Is it a 120v or 240v unit? Does it have the appropriate lamp? PLEASE be very careful. Unless you are experienced with high voltage and know what you are doing, don't open the unit. One misstep can blow up your multi meter or kill you. -Todd
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    Touch Screens for new Gio @5?

    I have used both the Dell P2418HT and the Dell P2314T. I think they are both great and reasonably priced - although the P2314T seems to not be available new anymore. Some things to consider - I like the matte screen, thin bezel, and integrated power supply on the P2418HT, but the base is heavy...
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    DMX terminator issues?

    DMX can be a fickle beast. A problem anywhere on the line can manifest in various, sometimes unexpected places. I had a whole run of fixtures on a pipe, mix of VLs and SeaChangers. The first fixture wasn't responding. Swapped cables, still no go. Everything else was fine up until the 10th...
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    Darkness in a venue (church, theatre)

    The IBC does have similar or the same language as the LSC you quoted above for emergency lighting (as opposed to normal power "House Out" levels). It seems that the codes are pretty much in agreement on this particular issue (which is good!). -Todd
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    Darkness in a venue (church, theatre)

    I referenced the 2012 version of the IBC. That was the code version I had regarding illumination measurements relating to a lawsuit from an audience member's trip and fall during a performance. And that's all I can say about that... -Todd