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    This is where I went when I was first learning how to use the strand light board. I found it MUCH easier to learn stuff here than on the manual. The manual gives vague directions and sometimes you get so messed up that you have to start all over again to figure out what you did. In one of the...
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    Happy Birthday Dave. I use Fireworks in my webmasters class (very VERY cool). Gotta go. I may be a little late for this also but happy 300 members.
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    hobnobbing it with the people who made this site possible...

    Re: hobnobbing it with the people who made this site possiblWhy does dave always think we are going to start a coup on the forums? anyway i think this post is number 49.
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    I have that same problem at the moment. All of my faders except my subs do not work. I e-mailed an authorized Strand repair place but I havn't gotten a response. If you remember how to turn the faders back on, and type it, I will be one happy camper (or techie).
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    First Junior Technician

    Re: muhahaha Dear Dave, You are evil. Signed, The Devil Hey dave I found this letter in a sink hole-i thought maybe you should read it. lol.
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    WOW REALLY!?! SOMEBODY TO TALK TO ABOUT THE STRAND SERIES 300! Anyway we've both been thrown on the same boat. I have the manual but the director would be all stingy about it if I lent it to somebody. Many many months ago, I asked the same question and sadly I got no reply that really showed...
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    Technician vs Techie

    I would prefer technician also. It sounds much cooler. And also when people ask me what I do in the drama club, if I say "I'm a techie.", they don't know what they heck I'm saying. But if I say "I'm a technician.", they know that I do technical stuff. Anyway I guess it depends on how you see...
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    Hi everyone

    Like skinning a cat. lol.
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    I hate Wisdom Teeth...

    wow does that really happen? In that case, maybe I'll keep my wisdom teeth. lol.
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    any helpfull tips

    I use!
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    Set up a master post sign up sheet

    That is very true ship. In my drama club, it sounds like something like what you mentioned would happen frequently.
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    What's the diff between passive and active direct boxs?

    Oh your right, it isn't in my profile, but under "TechDirector" in the "New Member" board. I guess I just figured it was there.In baseball I only played outfield; mostly center but sometimes "left-out" bad joke. Anyway I forgot that DI's can change the impedance. I guess it's...
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    What's the diff between passive and active direct boxs?

    I used to use a direct box when I play my violin in my band (check out my profile for details). And it never need a battery. Now I use a pre-amp which is basically the same thing but it does require a battery and I have the option to change the volume, bass, and treble coming from the pre-amp...
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    lighting real tree's

    Hmmmm. Another good question. It depends on how many trees there are and how much of a budget you are working on and if you really feel like working. Have you ever seen one of those costume rack's that some lucky schools get that has wheels on the bottem so you can cart them around? Well you...
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    awesome site!

    What about those monster square batteries that you put in little lanterns? lol!