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    Next Flash Lights.

    I find this conversation disapointing so far it's 2021 not 2001. There are plenty of reasonably priced neutral or warm white LED lights out there with at least decent CRI ratings. There is absolutely no reason to keep buying awful 6000k+ flashlights with sub 50 CRI ratings. The high color temp...
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    Alec Baldwin involved in accidental shooting death on set of "Rust"

    The link isn't working, looks like a problem with the website. Here's a link to the story on Reuters.
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    What is the term for this lighting effect?

    I thought it was a transparency placed over the camera lens.
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    Stage curtain pricing?

    Not sure if this helps answer your question. We got 4 sets of 4 legs earlier in the year from Rose and waited about 4 weeks for them. And were told about 6 weeks for the new grand and grand border we ordered a month ago.
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    Automated Fixtures Chauvet Finish turned Sticky!

    It's what happens when everything is built to hit a certain price point. You end up with components that are just good enough to do the job. So when you get a componet that isn't quite up to spec or you try running it in a tougher environment than it was designed for you end up with failures.
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    FFS- Gel frames (and cuts) for L&E cyc lights- Free

    Sent you a message. I would love to have these. Someone donated a bunch of them to us but didn't have any of the gel frames.
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    One plug to rule them all (and in the darkness bind them)

    Interesting. I don't like that it appears to be use one way screws in at least some places. It just seems like something to make life more difficult for the end user if it ever needs serviced.
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    Vintage Lighting Actual "Nernst Lamp" running (120 years old)

    I was glad to see him come back to YouTube a few weeks ago. He was in a pretty rough place when he left a couple years ago.
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    Leaving fixtures powered on

    I'll jump on the bandwagon and agree with turning them off nightly, and then back on when your ready to use them again. In my experience the cheap lights usually have really cheap fans in them. They're noisy enough when they're new. And the odds are pretty good that the bearings or bushings will...
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    How to turn a $20 PAR into a $300 PAR

    If I needed conventional pars then I would just buy source 4 pars. They're usually under $50 these days on the used market. The LED drop-in kits can give some weird results with gel. And I haven't seen any that easily let you change the beam pattern. So IMO there really only viable for white...
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    KREG face panel for flat construction?

    With what your doing it will be fine. Once the luan on is glued and stapled to the frame it'll be providing most of the strength.
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    Chauvet Pro Rogue R2x Wash Home Position

    It sounds like the console profile your using has that set on the home position. Depending on the console you may be able to edit the profile yourself, or need to request it from the console manufacturer.
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    Low level Fog Advice

    You could use a dmx relay to control aquafoggers. Plug the heating elements directly into the wall or standard dimmer circuits. Then have the pump and fan plugged into the relay circuit.
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    Retrofit Bottom Stop for Arbor?

    I don't think the material matters all that much. It's not structural at all, it's just dampening the noise a little bit. You could probably go to any tire store and have them give you a used tire that you could cut up and use what's left of the tread to make pieces. Otherwise I'll 2nd the horse...
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    Superbowl LIV halftime show

    That automated spotlight is awful