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    Lighting Software

    If you dont want the node Pro, just look at the standard 2 port node, grab your PC, another PC/laptop and a network switch. You can control your conventionals and your movers off the MA onPC software, and at the same time have a full tracking backup. Thats the wonder of the MA. As a MA user...
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    Hog vs GrandMA?

    Hi All Not sure if this post has been answered fully, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in. I've used both Hog and MA, actually started with Hog, and used both their PC versions for shows. I am now a full time, nothing else, MA user. It wins hands down. Sure it may not have 1 or two...
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    Lamp Garden

    Thats an Ack-Ack if I ever saw one! I haven't seen one in years! Strand certainly made them to last! Even if it wasn't in a grid! Dan
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    Most used console manufacturer

    Sorry all! Just noticed my error! Forgive me for I have been programing for the last two days with not much sleep! Jands has the 1K, HES has the Wholehogs 2 & 3! Sorry about that. I have to say though, after coming from a Jands/HES background, the MA gear makes life alot easier. I have...
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    Most used console manufacturer

    I've had alot of use with Jands (Hog 1K, Wholehog II & III, Roadhog) but I think that I'm moving towards the flexibility of MA! What can I say? They are great consoles!
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    Foot Lights

    I have also made footlights before, I cut an old tin (was it tin? or was it something else.. I'm pretty sure it was a tin) acutally.. several old tins, about half a dozen. Cut the top off, and down the side about a 1/3, so you have about 5-6 cm from the base of the tin to where the opening...
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    How to light a mirror ball

    So many sensational ideas! The pinspot is a classic, thats for sure, but I usually go with (in theatre with budgets mind you when i'm working with them) a couple of profile spots with a hard edge and an iris. That'll keep it nice and tight, and you can focus it well on the bottom 2/3 of the...
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    Custom Gobo Keystone Correction

    And If you haven't worked with Apollo before, now is the time to start. They have the best customer service (as Bill said) and they will go out of their way to make sure you get what you need when you need it!
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    Sewer Gobo

    The grill definately works for Les Mis, as long as its something along those lines. And as Gaffatape said! It may be slight obsession, but our madness shows our dedication! If you haven't stayed up till the early hours of the morning on the CB forums, I suggest you make it part of your...
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    NEED: New School Lighting Board

    Ever considered the LSC maXim series? They are a nice simple board for what it seems like you may need.
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    Snow effect?????

    Agreed. :D
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    worrying about my chances...

    Not a problem at all! Sounds like you've both got the right mindset! :D The great thing about lighting is that no matter what you do, you'll always be able to have some input, and you'll always find yourself moving along, at a pace you're comforable with! :D So keep it up! P.S. I would...
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    Strand Palette/Light Palette Upgraded

    Beautiful. Thanks guys! That'll definatley come in handy
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    AMDJ does it again...

    HAHA! Oh my god, after regaining compusure, i have to ask what the hell is AMDJ thinking when they create these monstrosities?!
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    Snow effect?????

    Hi Mike, I have done the same production, although it was Honk Jr! for a younger version. We used a physical snow (the old fashion two timbers,a sheet with holes, some paper, pulleys and some rope) but in your case I can see what your saying (and boy oh boy do I love those budget cuts!) If...