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    Anyone know of good classes/seminars on intelligent lighting or on whole hog in the southern california area? I'm looking to brush up my skills and resume. Thanks Roxanne [email protected] x-posted at
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    Lighting Designers get their own play

    ThanksThanks to everyone who helped me out on this project. I posted the final copy of the work online so if you submitted a survey reply you could read it. I tried taking quotes or paraphrasing comments from everyone and created several characters with the same or similar names. (some...
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    color temperatures

    I used to have this really great link to a chart of lamps and their color temperatures. But after my reformat, I forgot to back-up my bookmarks. Does anyone know of a place where I can just look up that info in one site? Thanks
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    Followspot Survey

    I'm in love with my strong gladiator. It's my baby :-D
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    Curious things I see that keeps the job interesting

    Cyc light, filament didnt break within the glass envelope, but the lamp itself curved outward so far that it couldn't make the connection anymore.... but the lamps filament was intact.
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    Lighting Designers get their own play

    Lighting design community I am participating in a project that will simulate a community based theater project. By interviewing and discussing light design, I am hoping to compile stories of lighting designers in to a series of monologues that will aim to entertain and educate others about...
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    Lighting books

    I am reading a book called "Lighting the Shakespearean Stage" by R.B. Graves (or R.E. Graves depending on which search engine you use) Its very interesting. I also have "Interior Lighting for Designers" by Gary Gordon & James L. Nuckolls. Its more architectual lighting, but there are some great...
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    Having a base light plot to revert to after productions.

    Thats funny, we just had a guy start working for us from Texas who said the same thing to us. Theres 3 girls on our staff and one works in the box office only.
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    Having a base light plot to revert to after productions.

    Our theater just uses a paint pen on the upstage side of the baton itself. With houseplot already up: Draw two lines on the outside of the C-clamp Then on the right side, write Instrument type (P=par, L=Leko, S=Strand, F=Fresnel) Then the angle or size (19, 26, 36, 20, 40,50...) Then the...