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    Open Orch Pit Sign

    A sign is just an admission that the problem wasn't solved. That said, IF you place sign(s), be sure that they meet the newest ANSI / ISO standard for the format, not like the one shown above. Also, use BIG FRIKKIN" SIGNS™, maybe 3' x 4'.
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    Flush trap opening flat

    Use a toggle joint hinge.
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    Yet another stage flooring question.

    I think this has more to do with the paint formulatin than it does with the hardboard, assuming you are using Class 4 or 5 hardboard, not the Class 0 junk sold at the big box stores. We specify a 2-part epoxy industrial floor paint. IF (and that's a big IF) you can keep everyone from painting...
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    Theatre Stage & Rigging Renovation

    So you want free advice from people that make their living selling advice? Do you expect a Doctor to work for free? A lawyer? An architect? Your auto mechanic? (not that any of these examples know anything about theatre) Professionals have expenses just like any other business. Rent /...
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    Stage Repaint or Replacement?

    If you screw-up and need to reposition a panel after it is laid-down, make a garrotte with some dowel scrap or 2x2 for the handles and steel piano wire for the span between the handles, then work the wire under the edge of the panel and pull it along the length of the panel until it pops-out the...
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    Stage Repaint or Replacement?

    No particular version of the tape or the sealer. The sealer is just to give the surface of the wood a bit of a gloss so it isn't raw wood.
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    Black Box Theatre Survey

    I'm doing some research about Black Box Theatres and I am asking members of this group to download a Survey spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet), take the survey, then email the completed spreadsheet to me at [email protected] Thank you in advance for your participation! The spreadsheet...
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    Balcony rails and falls

    Bring a pillow to sit on! :clap:
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    Wood substitute for low budget paneling

    I rarely see 'completely covered'. It's usually just the audience -facing part of a prop or scenery. People don't care abut painting the backside of stuff because they are generally not thinking about Fire Safety, just aesthetics. I'll leave 'reasonable level of safety' up to the AHJ and a...
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    Balcony rails and falls

    I don't recall who designed the system, but I did see some drawings of a balcony guardrail system that was motorized so it would be 'up' at all times except during the performance. The patrons would arrive, freak-out that they had a guard rail in front of them, then when the show began and the...
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    Wood substitute for low budget paneling

    Like Bill said: You will find similar warning on most foam sheeting products. These products are engineered to be enclosed inside a fire barrier, not out exposed to the stage and audience.
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    Stink Bug Cloud

    I've seen farting dragons done with green SMOKE ONLY pyro (no sound, no flash). A qualified pyrotechnician should be able to help you get that sorted-out and done safely. The smoke color can be controlled based upon the pyro chemicals used.
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    Mixers/Consoles Help with feed back

    Something that is not being said clearly here is that any EQ'ing you might be doing to reduce feedback between the headset mic(s) and the stage (wedge) monitor(s) should only be done in the mix of that mic to that monitor, not in the over-all system (albeit, the HPF at 150-250 may also apply to...
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    Theatre Operational & Equipment Audit suggestions

    I've done many of these assessments. I'd be interested. Please PM me. My firm has experience in all of the aspects of interest (safety, audio, acoustics, lighting, image display, rigging, facility design, ADA, power, structural, community facing concerns, internal operations, etc.).
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    Sound f/x MP3 files.....are they really that bad?

    Yes, it depends highly on the MP# file settings when it was created. You can't undo awful. Start with a good high bit rate low compression MP3 file setting and it is difficult to tell with out a direct A/B comparison, but a low bit rate highly compressed audio file sound noticeably awful...