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    Inexpensive adapters

    I've done two and they're working fine. A little fiddly, but I have a system now and the rest should go much more easily.
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    Inexpensive adapters

    I suspected as much. I'm at a high school. The district was kind enough to replace our 600 band AT mics with new Shures, but they bought the WL185 lapel mics. Much harder to hide on an actor. I was hoping to use the very small AT elements that we bought a year ago. Guess I'll have a go at...
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    Inexpensive adapters

    Looking for some inexpensive adapters to use an Audio Technica (hirose) element with a Shure (TA4F) body pack. Any ideas?
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    Antari HZ-350 weak output

    Our school district has a new HZ-350. It can use water or oil based fluid. One of the other schools used it for the first time and overfilled it with about twice as much Chauvet water based fluid as they should have. The tank was way past the full line. It didn't work well for them, which is...
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    ETC Net 3 nodes

    There is a Unison system in place, so I think you nailed it. (I see you're in Wisconsin, so I'm not surprised. ;) ) Going over now to tinker. Thank you!
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    ETC Net 3 nodes

    That was my thought as well, however when I changed the nodes to ACN mode from the console, they no longer passed DMX to the fixtures. Changed them back to Net2 mode and they worked. The console showed them as being connected and in Net2 mode, but gave me no option to change the universe...
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    ETC Net 3 nodes

    I'm working in a theatre with Net 3 nodes, some of which were mounted to the wall during the install. It's obvious that they have been there since the building opened. On the electrics, the nodes are clamped to the pipe. Also on the pipe are female RJ45 jacks labeled "Net1" and "Net2". Nodes...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Adding LED Lights to a Theater

    Aren't Show Baby's made by City Theatrical?
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    What is this? (USB controlled servo for projection shutter)

    Somewhat related... I have an Arduino processor, a servo shield and a DMX shield. Has anyone put these together to make a douser?
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    Single Person lift advice

    I have the JLG 41AM. Easy to deal with until you get close to a wall, then the outriggers can be an issue.
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    Automated Fixtures Advantage of a Moving head Beam?

    As a teacher, I feel obligated to answer your question with a question. Why would a light that can change positions (and other attributes) be more desirable than a light that has a fixed position and beam? List the attributes of each and then compare. You'll have your answer.
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    High school plays - what shows are you doing and have you done?

    Disney is very aggressive in protecting trademarks and copyrights. Exercise caution.
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    Surveillance Camera(s)

    One man's garbage...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Run Light Color- Blue or Red?

    I got a quote and generated a PO. Batts is an approved vendor for most Texas school districts. I've used them for years. Great people. I don't know when they'll get here or when they'll get installed, but they've been ordered. :)
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    Design Issues and Solutions Run Light Color- Blue or Red?

    These will be installed sometime this year. I'll let you know how they work.