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    How do I make a ghost appear?

    We did the bed trick, too.In the scene change when Scrooge's bed is rolled out to center stage, we had Marley sneak in behind it...easy because we used a fourposter with fanccy damask curtains on all four sides, so the curtains stayed closed in the back. We led into Marley's appearance with...
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    Pool of water

    Good question! The sheer mass of the number of feathers did a pretty good job of keeping any stray "ad-libbers" from floating about, PLUS the top layer of the "water" was a good two feet below the platforms. In one scene, Scapino jumps in, and yes, at that point, some feathers took flight, but...
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    New to the booth!

    Hello everyone Jim here, an actor, director, designer and techie 30 years into my love affair with this thing called theater! Technical areas of focus are sound design and props, with a love for set decorating and special effects. I am also an experienced SM.I get paid to do what I do when I...
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    Pool of water

    It was a production of SCAPINO which took place on the waterfront of an Italian Village. Platforms were used for the docks, creating a great "pool" area which we filled with the blue feathers to represent the lapping water around the docks. It was really fun.
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    Pool of water

    I did a show once where a TON of soft BLUE FEATHERS were used to fill a small was a VERY successful effect! Jim of Theatrepalooza