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    What is wrong with this picture VI - part b

    Thanks, everyone, I haave just always heard them called Socopex, Maybe I was using it in the wrong context?? Well, forget it- And mayhem, is not it a bit dangerous how you wreck havoc with electricity all for the sake of the Q of the week? Or do you find these types of things around?
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    What is wrong with this picture VI - part a

    It appears to be that this was exposed to water. I have not actually shorted a line with water, but I have seen the damage at a science museum. It appears not as melted, but sort of scraped or chipped, wich is what I see. That explains the corrosion, right?
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    What is wrong with this pic - Number IV

    It is helpful to have a fehumidifyer in the room, as this not only eliminates moisture, but mold.
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    What is wrong with this picture VII

    I still think it is a skateboard wheel caught in a ramp.
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    What is wrong with this picture VI - part b

    Well, talking about the types of plugs in the U.S., we started out with stage pin (the most common). Later, after techs got tired of ripping gaf off sp plugs, sombody invented twist lock, wich locks the spliced cord together. After that, some one else invented twist lock, then some one else, and...
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    hijacking a thread - question for Ship

    Do you think that small laser effects, such as the AmerDJ Laser Widow put out enought power to reach hundreds of feet into the air, blinding a pilot?
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    Math for sound

    Thanks, that was highly informational, but as you prodicted, a bit complicated for Pre-Al. Thanks though. I appr. the responce. Google has found some stuff for me.
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    How do make a flat? It's been years--Please help!!!!!

    I have never built one, but you need to read this book, it will refresh every memory, I garantee you. Technical Theatre for Non-Technical People. It is on;y about 30 dollars or so, but is well worth it. Can't recall the author's name, but I got it from Barns&Noble. Think its on their web...
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    Math for sound

    I am doing a book project for school about math in tech theatre. I have plenty of lighting formulas and plenty of carpenty/set stuff, but it is hard to figure out sound stuff, can anyone help? Negative numbers are a plus. Thanks
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    Summer Jobs

    Alright, I agree, you are not going to get a road job, but as above, you will get a job helping out at a local theatre. Even though you say that there are no more theatres in your area, you need to search the internet. My friend google has a special type of search that localizes information. You...
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    acrylic plastic adhesive

    Well, Ship, we do have technology class for a 1/4 of the year (nine weeks). I think now, that when you had that plastics class was 23 years ago, school systems actually thought before they bought something. Any how, back to the subject... I checked Krylon's Website, and their wasn't anything...
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    acrylic plastic adhesive

    Hey Peter, I aggree, it would be great to have a plastics class. Then again, I am in middle school.:-( Any how, I dont actually know about anything exsept-you may have seen the commercials for Krylon Fussion Spraypaint for plastic. I Think They have a spray adhesive, while that might not...