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    Freeware Cad Program

    You could change the colors of the "instruments," I believe I've seen some CAD programs that have that function. Could you store the instruments to your computer and label them with their wattage, weight, and etc. and create your own library? You could then draw lines off of your grid and...
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    Freeware Cad Program

    The theater that I work for is looking into getting some CAD software, and I found in Sketchup that the "3D Warehouse" contains most types of instruments, if not an exact model, very close. This makes using this program for light plots very simple, just search the warehouse just like a Google...
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    TV flicker

    I know how to make white noise and play it on a TV, which gives the black and white fuzz, but I have never seen a TV flicker, unless it is filmed and played by anoter TV. I did some research first, only finding information about white noise and other interference. I think the playing of noise...
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    TV flicker

    We have a technical theatre class at our school, and for our exam we have to answer 10 problems using any resource available. Here is my question, "How do you create a TV flicker?" I think this might have been intentionally vague, but I think our director is talking about a cathode ray tube...
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    True North Snow Machine Noise

    I used one last year in a production of Fiddler on the Roof, for Anatevka in the end, it was a great effect. We took a box, and taped it onto the machine then cut out a hole for the snow to exit and stuffed all but the fan section with batting from a sewing store. We then built a little sound...
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    Beauty and the Beast Transformation White-out

    Yes, that will work fairly well.
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    Eye Protection

    I always wear protection, usually a face sheild that is really comfortable to wear. Being in Fire and Rescue, I have heard some bad stories about people getting stuff in their eyes and going blind etc. One particularly bad case is the EMT's had to pick up a guy that was using a table saw with...
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    When you burn the polyurethane foam, you release several gases including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, polyurethane gas, and oxides of nitrogen. You would need an air purifying respirator with a full facepiece to be safe, per NIOSH reccomendations. I would reccomend a supplied air...
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    Compressor justification?

    I checked up on the stress thing, and it does have an effect, but not on a large enough scale to matter. I live in a moist environment, but my compressor is in an enclosed space, so it still doesn't get much in the way of moisture collection. Porkchop, I missed the cubits and priate thing...
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    Dying Sockets-NEED HELP FAST

    would putting contact paste on the pins help, if you are careful and don't create a short? I'll try cleaning them, but I won't get to be in the space untill Wednesday, so I have several days to figure something out.
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    I've Never Said Hello

    ohhh, yes, I am well aquainted with the drill
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    Beauty and the Beast Transformation White-out

    We only have two radiation smoke detectors on our stage, and ventillation detectors in the air ducts.
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    I've Never Said Hello

    Also, I joined a long time ago as ADavidA, but I never posted anything to my knowledge, then I changed to thelightingmancan some time last year, and got busy in December.
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    I've Never Said Hello

    Hey guys, and girls here at the booth, I've been a member here for a long time, but I never said hi. I have been doing lighting and sound for almost seven years, I turned 16 years old on October 16, 2007. I work for the VSA Arts, Loudoun County Chapter, Franklin Park Performing and Visual Arts...
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    Knot tying

    I know most of those knots, and we will surely teach them in our school's Technical Theatre class next year!