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    First time doing projections, have a couple questions

    My high school is using projection this year for the first time, in our production of 9 to 5 the musical. I have experience with projectors, but not in a theatrical setting. We don't have a super fancy projector, just a basic Epson home theater projector. It does the job, and it is plenty bright...
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    Art-net works off of the 2.0.0.x range of IP addresses. And the subnet mask. You are going to need to download the enttec Node management utility if you have not already done so. This will allow you to assign an IP address for the node.Are you connecting the node directly to your...
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    Control/Dimming PC/Mac Lighting Control Software recommendation

    Take a look at Chamsys MagiQ. It has everything you have listed and is a busking style console similar to Hog and MA.
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    DIY person lift

    The very title of this thread scares me. 'DIY' and any form of 'person lift' or 'flying actor' should not be used in the same sentence.As a student, I expect that the teachers and faculty of my school have the safety of the students as their number one priority. There are no exceptions. I...
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    I had a chance to demo the CS 40AV a couple months ago. It is perfect for theaters that have smaller number of conventionals (less than 40), LEDs, and maybe a couple of movers. I really liked the console. It was easy to use, patch, and operate. The SFX capabilities are a plus as well. If you...
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    Automated Fixtures REVIEW: Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot

    Can you get any pan/tilt at all or is it just when you apply an effect? Make sure that the channel mode (21ch or 18ch) matches on the console and on the fixture itself.
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    Middle School has $3,000 for a Lighting Console. Which One?

    Interesting indeed! I guess you are able to enter commands. Command line can range from simple commands (dim 1,14,35 @ 50%) to more complex entries that are commonly used on the eos line to program. I can see why the CS would take basic command entries for users coming from command line consoles...
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    Middle School has $3,000 for a Lighting Console. Which One?

    With CS you select the fixtures off of a "plot" on the touch screen. You select the fixtures using a graphical representation of your lights, and then set the level using an on screen level wheel. I think you can get to a touch screen keypad to enter fixture numbers, and them set the level...
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    Small, basic console for elementary school

    I did think about cognito, but I saw the cognito2 price was around 2500. According to their website they have the Choreo which is the in wall solution, and the cognito2. A used smartfade may be a good idea, I'll take a look into that as well.
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    Middle School has $3,000 for a Lighting Console. Which One?

    Yes. In this case, playbacks and submasters are the same. But, I agree with @Footer that you will want the extra handles so you don't have to switch pages. Having to switch between multiple playback pages can be a real pain.
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    Middle School has $3,000 for a Lighting Console. Which One?

    I believe you can put the sliders into submaster mode, instead of a 1 to 1 patch. That way you could set up your submasters accordingly for each area and color. Although since you have the budget, I would go for the CS 40. Having extra sliders always is a handy thing.
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    Middle School has $3,000 for a Lighting Console. Which One?

    Another vote for the Colorsource line. I'm actually in a similar situation, but for an elementary school, and I am pushing for a Colorsource 20. I recently had the opportunity to demo the Colorsource 40AV, and it is very intuitive. The workflow is well thought out, and the touch screen makes it...
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    Small, basic console for elementary school

    Probably around 8-12 LED fixtures. A laptop would be a possibility, but M-touch/M-PC may be a little overly complex. I like the looks of the Jands stage CL. The prices I saw are $1300, which may be more doable. I'm really going to push for a CS 20, and the CL will probably be second choice. ETC...
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    Small, basic console for elementary school

    I was asked to help with some purchasing decisions for an elementary school near me. Right now they have a cafetorium setup, and a parent brings in his sound system for shows. This parent recently asked me to assist with a lighting upgrade. We are going to put in some LEDs, but I'm stumped on a...
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    Chamsys feature unlock

    Thanks for the info. I will give that a try. I also figured out today that I could set the crossfade playback to be the 'Global rate master' and that seemed to do the trick.