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    Remote Lighting: Strand Palette error

    It is in the Beta forun. If you could email me i will send you the file and setup [email protected]
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    Remote Lighting: Strand Palette error

    This link should take you to a fix for this.
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    LED Ellipsoidal Side-By-Side

    Could you send your 4 fixtures to me so I can do a shoot with them in my facility. :)
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    Strand Classic Palette Opinions

    Make sure to open the console up to see if the channel key is installed. Probally just a stock 100 channels but with out it you have no output. It will be the Red usb stick and it should have the channel count wrote on it.
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    Palette VL experts!

    This happens when the console doesn't see the channel key, if you open the console up and reseat the channel key this should fix the problem.
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    Palette VL experts!

    To change the way the color works, If you right click on the look in the virtural submaster display you will get the look property box. In this box you will be able to change the behavior of the attributes. On color, change to 'snap off zero'. I usually leave all attributes except...
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    Question about tracking vs Cue Only

    To set the console to MIB, S2 (Show Options), S10 (Cue List), Check "new cue list use MIB" at bottom .
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    Strand Palette Blinking Factory

    The console is not seeing the channel key when this happens. Open the console up and reseat the channel key, then restart the console. I would also check all of the usb plugs to make sure they are seated properly.
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    some issues with palette VL classic.

    1. select the fixtures to unpark. then shift, alt, s8, enter. the shift will change park to unpark in m8, alt will let you select m8 with the s8 key. you should see all this on the command line. 2 in cue 2 select the fixtures that are in the effect and force delta on them. alt, s6. then...
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    Conventional Fixtures Strand lens tubes

    The 6x16's have a longer sleeve than the 9's and 12's. If you go to this link (Strand Archive - Leko Range ) there is a break out of the fixtures. Hope this helps you.
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    Strand Palette VL question

    Any of the look pages that you add can be controlled by the sub faders. If you press the look button the m keys will populate with the look pages, select the look page you want and that look page will be loaded in the looks. You can also select them from the sub box at the top left of the...
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    programming looks on palette vl help?

    Did you bring them up with the house light controller or did you do a channel at full enter on the console. I would do the channel at full enter then Record look enter. The console might be set up to record delta and not live and just selecting them will not let them record into the look. You...
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    Strand Palette Effects

    To set a non intensitity effect Select the channels you want the effect to run on, then to do a a movement effect select S5(position) which will be the F5 key then hold down the shift key and double press S2(pan) which is the F2 key and a popup box with a selection of effects will appear...
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    Help with MagicQ and Enttec Pro

    Try this link and see if the Driver is there. ChamSys
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    Interfacing a newer dmx console to an old Electro Controls dimmer rack.....

    The electro control dimmers should need ECmux to controll them and it would have been connected to the console with a 4 pin connector. The cheapest way to get dmx to your dimmers would be to us the pathway converter. Pathway Connectivity Inc. - DMX Ultimate Converter This is what we first...