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    What's the inspiration behind your user name?

    My dad was really into the LOTR series of books when it was time for me to be born. Since my mother would not let him choose my first name/spelling he chose the middle name. I use it because hardly anyone knows it is my name, but it is easy for me to remember. Yes, I am named after a dwarf...
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    Resume and Cover Letter Advice?

    I concur in regards to lenght - ONE PAGE ONLY!! Do not ever go over one page. No one wants to read a novel about you... In regards to references - drop as many names as possible for a potential employer to call. From directors you have worked with (particularly since you have been in an...
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    Training Stage Managers

    Wish I could have taken Jerry's class... I am using the online callboard that everyone put together and it has been GENIUS! I am finishing all my paper work for my thesis show that we hold auditions for on the 16th and I need to do some basic SM training for my new SM before the date comes and...
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    Period costumes?

    A bustle is usually a gathering of fabric at the back of a skirt. Separate units (like bum rolls & pannie (sp?) (Pronounced: Pan yay), sometimes metal cages were even used...) can be used to accentuate the look of the bustle, but the actual bustle is made by gathering the fabric in an artistic...
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    Training Stage Managers

    I am starting a stage management unit with my technician in my crew class this term, but I am not sure really how to go about getting things rolling... Up to this point I have trained one stage manager a year (usually a sophomore so that I can have them stick around for a while...) and swap...
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    What lights should I buy and how much is it going to set me back?

    Re: What lights should I buy and how much is it goping to set me back? Unfortunately, there is no easy or "cheap" solution to this situation. The thing that will determine most of the decisions that you will need to make is teh size of teh space you are in and the intended use of that space. If...
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    Online Production Management

    Like most of the others posting here, I use Google Docs & Google Sites to manage most of that kind of information and to get info out to my casts, crews, etc. I post everything from production documents to rehearsal schedules and cast lists on the site. Take a look here for a look at what we do...
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    Production Participation Contract

    Thanks to all who are replying!! I think I have come up with something that will work for my situation. I have taken several different "contracts" that I found through a little poking around online. Please feel free to leave any feedback on the one i have attached here! Any feedback is greatly...
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    Production Participation Contract

    Tex you are spot on! I would love to have a technician version of the "contract" that I use for my actors. I think I have stumbled upon a pretty good example of policies and procedures that were put out by UCF's theatre department. I was just hoping that other teachers had one that they use so...
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    Production Participation Contract

    High school - in a 2100 seat theatre.
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    Production Participation Contract

    Did a search first, but nothing was really helpful... I am looking to update the contract that I have each of my student performers and technicians sign in order to be in a show for me. I am wondering what, or, if anyone else uses a similar contract and what you put in it (i.e. - expectations...
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    High school plays - what shows are you doing and have you done?

    This coming year we are doing: South Pacific (Fall) Dark of the Moon (Spring) Previous shows: Annie Get Your Gun The Diary of Anne Frank Beauty and the Beast Fools by Neil Simon I try to rotate a contemporary musical with a classical broadway every other year. I also try to rotate a comedy...
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    Set Models - Do you use them?

    For those of you that do not know, I am a theatre educator. I am in the process of designing a set for our upcoming production of The Diary of Anne Frank. I just finished building a set model (to scaled and painted). This has been a pretty common practice since my undergrad work. My question is...
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    Happy Birthday dvsDave!!!

    happy birthday dave!! Make it a good one!
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    PC interface advice for live recording

    I am looking for an interface that I can use to do small recording sessions for theatrical events. I do not have the funds for ProTools nor do I have the time to learn a software that has a high learning curve like it has. I am just looking for a decent product to use for simple applications for...