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    Turf Sources for The Wolves

    Did this in 2019 covering about 30'x60' (42' prosc. but ran off into the wings). Bought used turf from- What we bought was from a soccer field somewhere and "stored" a nearby landscaping supplies place. Purchased extra because we would need...
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    Strand N21 Nodes

    I am hoping to find a good home for 6 Strand N21 DMX Nodes and 1 Strand N21 rack mountable Network Node. All were working when pulled from service about 4 years ago. 5 N21 Nodes are POE and manufactured in 2008. 1 N21 Node was manufactured in 2011 and has different specs than the other 5...
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    Battery Powered Sound Rig

    Jackery and Goal Zero make portable power stations that should work. This one claims a13 hour run time with 300 watts continuous draw- They are pricey......the one above is $900.
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    Music Licensing Services

    Intellectual Property for Producing Theatres by Matt Davis outlines the core principles of copyright (and other protections that are often mistaken for copyright) to give the reader an understanding of the terminology and basis for each protection. I don't have my copy in front of me but one or...
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    Moving to the sides big banners on stage

    A few ideas you may want to consider are in the attached pdf file. "Quiet Heavy-Duty Traveler Track" by Richard Gold in Volume 2 of Technical Design Solutions for Theatre (Tech Briefs) "Skate Wheel Scenery Carrier" by Matthew McKinney in the 2004 Tech Expo catalog. Both use skate wheels as...
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    Dream Machine

    My sources like the Bernina 1008 which should be under $1000 new. She says that w/ the correct needle it can sew thicker material including leather. Make sure the there is a local business that can service the machine which shouldn't be a problem in the Chicago area. You should also be able to...
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    Pneumatic Wheel Lowering

    There are several articles in Yale Tech Briefs, USITT Tech Expo catalogs and USITT Technical Source Guide about using pneumatic cylinders as platform lifts or brakes. A Technical Source Guide (early 90's?) and Exhibit #2 from the 1995 Tech Expo(some words are jumbled from scan conversion) are...
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    Conventional Fixtures Is this the right bulb?

    If your Leko Zoom looks like the one pictured, an EHD 500W 120V Lamp, 2000hrs will work. Link to a spec sheet with other lamp options -
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    Sennheiser Rebate / 300 vs 500 series?

    I'll be. The check showed up today! Tim
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    Sennheiser Rebate / 300 vs 500 series?

    We sent our equipment back 2/12/19 and got notification of "Your rebate has been processed and your rebate check has been mailed" on 4/25/19. I never saw any record or confirmation on the rapid-rebates website. Still waiting for the check....... Tim
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    Source Four Followspot

    Here is an article for an ERS Follow Spot Stand from the 1999 USITT Tech Expo. It is essentially a piece of 1" cold roll welded to flat bar that the ERS yoke is attached to. The cold roll slips into a flange bearing attached to a 1 1/2" pipe flange threaded on to a 1 1/2" pipe. Pipe can...
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    Make a door squeak?

    This is a nifty foley version using a cup, string and stick.
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    LLC or Not

    I've used this website and book- - as a guide. This page - - discusses corporations. Tim
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    Platforms: weight vs strength, 2x6 vs 2x4 best practices

    Some files that may prove helpful- Platforms Revisited- a presentation at USITT 6-10 years ago. I do not recall the presenters. A January 2011 Tech Briefs article looking at 4 types of platforms. I have used 2x4 framed, 1x6 framed and Texas Triscuits over the years. Regards, Tim
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    Stage brakes and slipping construction standards

    Here is a version of that mentioned below but 2 wagon brakes (push/pull toggle clamps) are welded to plate steel. This was exhibited at the 2017 USITT Tech Expo and in in the current issue of TD&T. The greater contact area with the stage makes a big difference...