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    Soft Goods

    How long are the rags good for? Depending on environmental conditions, care in handling and use, about 15 - 20 years.
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    Control/Dimming Dimmer power draw when lights off

    It's clearly defective in some manner, call the electrician.
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    Control/Dimming Dimmer power draw when lights off

    The outlet is wired for 240V service. That's why your dimmer is not happy.
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    ETC Console Order Issues

    The Deadly Phlegm came about the time my shop was going to buy new audio consoles. No market, so we held off. We now wish we'd ordered before the chip foundry fires because critical components are made of 100% Unobtanium. :(Yeah, the sloppy followups are disappointing. Hopefully your...
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    ETC Console Order Issues

    When a manufacturer gets 10 pieces of an SKU that normally ships as 500 pieces, there will be delays.edit ps: be glad it's bought and paid for, ordering now would certainly be at a higher price.
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    Programming QLab: Xkeys, OSC, et alia

    I had a great reply and then figured out there's no way to run my cue without a script. Oh well. ;)
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    Balloon Drop Flame Resistance

    I suspect you'll find no such animal conveniently available. I also think that if there were a fire sufficiently hot to melt the nylon/polyester/whatever, *at trim*, you've got a far bigger problem already taking place - i.e., the fire has already progressed into the auditorium
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    Control/Dimming Dimmer power draw when lights off

    Most lunch box dimmers draw 10s of watts at quiescence. If you're tripping breakers or blowing fuses just plugging the pack into the AC line something is wrong with the outlet or dimmer.What result is your 'tester' showing?
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    Audio cable signal splitting

    Return the f'n guitar amps. Get your money back.Buy or rent a pair JBL Eon 10s or 12s. Or any number of similar products from QSC, Alto (bargains, they usually are), RCF, Yamaha. If your wireless mic does not have a balanced XLR output, get a transformer as FM suggests, then go to the first...
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    Getting back in the horse

    Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, and beware of gifts bearing Greeks.
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    Getting back in the horse

    That means you're ready to appear in Equus.
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    PVC "Electrics"?

    In which case it is prudent to remind them of the "faith source" of gravity and that the almighty has never overruled gravity.
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    USB DMX512 doesn't have a driver!

    The 5 year NecroThread! Interesting to see the device and vendor are still around.
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    Control/Dimming Powering down LED circuits to lengthen fixture life

    Yes, RVs are crap built. Workers typically are paid piece work and the unit moves to the next station on the line, ready or not, as scheduled. So I *do* turn off the city water to my RV, and I'll unplug from a campground pedestal if the power isn't 100%.
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    LED Cue lights

    So it seems. 70 hours a week is taking a toll on this old man.