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    Mac 2K lamp blowing fuse

    I always "stagger strike" a moving light rig, either per truss or per fixture type or both depending upon the size of the rig. Movers pull some serious current when striking. Also it is never good to hit an electrical system with a hard load if it can be avoided (bump the entire rig on). It puts...
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    4 pin connector in a marquee?

    Hit reply with quote to read the invisible posts.
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    Mac 2K lamp blowing fuse

    Yes the twofer is so you can meter the voltage while the mover is on. Also turn on your stage lights if it from the same feed (transformer or switch gear). Also if the power factor cap or electronics that control it are starting to go out the fixture will begin to draw more amperage. My personal...
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    Mac 2K lamp blowing fuse

    Install a twofer at the end of the run and meter the voltage and see if it drops. Also if you have an Edison breakout meter the amperage the unit is pulling.
  5. DIN Rail

    A Din rail or top-hat rail is a flat rail with two sections on either side that are raised like a top hat. They are very common in industrial control applications to mount circuit breakers, relays, timers, terminal strips and even some networking hardw...
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    Roboscans don't respond to DMX when a Par is connected?

    I would get another pin swapping cable swap dmx for roboscans then swap back for LEDs. Also I would check the roboscans manual to see if you can swap the pins internally so you do not have to keep up with the adapters. Many Martin fixtures allow you to swap the pins by moving some internal jumpers.
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    Control/Dimming fixture files for Jands Hog 1000

    Hog 500 / Hog 1000 Support then click on the whole hog2 library generator and install it on your computer.
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    Control/Dimming Legrand Ground Continuity Monitoring Connectors

    I see it for for outdoor power runs then you know everything is properly grounded and wired, especially when using GFCI's.
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    Lights on a boat?

    Run the movers at 240, most generators will provide 240 and it will drop your amperage. Or find a boat with a generator on it.
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    Turning 120v into 208v

    Here is one thing with ETC products, no matter how old they are (even if they were made by lighting methods, before ETC bought them out) ETC still supports the product and will help you get it working again. The whole design from the beginning of the sensor rack was to be modular to support...
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    Turning 120v into 208v

    L6-30 should only be used for 240/208 volts. L5-30 is designed to be used for 120v circuits.
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    Turning 120v into 208v

    I feel the same way but you can find people who will debate anything and here is when the debate comes in. On some old movers I have seen they tie off to ground to get 120v for the power supply to the logic board. Which really should be a neutral rather than a ground but in digital circuits...
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    Turning 120v into 208v

    So this brings up another debate. On a mover (208/240 voltage) wired to an L6-30 on the distro side do you wire the grounding lug on the connector to neutral or ground?
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    cleaning cables?

    I have armorall'd cables before for corporate gigs. I have not had any issues with the jackets failing. I have also done the same with lots of gear including movers and speakers. It makes them look brand new but it does make them slippery.
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    Automated Fixtures Clay Paky Stage Light 300 Pan Belt tension

    I have never over tightened. New belt start with a 1/4" of deflection and go from there. Sorry when I posted above I was thinking the color wheel belt.