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    Control/Dimming Marquee Help

    Hey Fellas, I notice that you have Marquee. Would either of you be interested in selling your slider wing Panel?
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    Marquee PC Slider Wing Panel

    Hey Everybody- I have a Marquee PC system and would like to get a Fader/Slider Wing Panel. However, as most of you know, Marquee is no longer for sale. Do any of you have one that you would be interested in selling? Also, on the same line: If there isnt one that I can get my hands on, what...
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    Best color rendition RGB LED fixture?

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I am going to look into those suggestions. I need options for color mixing because my boss wants options. I might commit to a couple LitePanels for 3200 or 5600 applications that will stay mostly static, but still need some RGB units that I can dial in at...
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    Best color rendition RGB LED fixture?

    Hey Everybody, I've got a project coming up that requires me to use some type of LED (par would probably be the best choice) and am concerned about two things: true color rendition on faces and smoothness of dimming up and down during the shot. Here's the rig. Vehicle driving with LEDs...
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    splitting a dimmer rack between 2 universes?

    I have several ETC Sensor 96 x 2.4 dimmer touring racks. On my 6th rack the dmx channels would fall between 481 and 576 if I set things up numerically. My question is: can I, and how do I split the universes up between universe 1 and 2 on this same rack back to my board? Is that what DMX A and...