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    Telex ph88

    I am trying to replace the speaker inside my Telex ph88. Does anyone know what screwdriver is needed to open it up. It looks like a very small torex but I am not sure.
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    Booth Pictures :)

    I have a love hate relationship with that spaceship aka Obsession II.
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    Booth Pictures :)

    Lighting set up for a charter. That is 3 lighting consoles and two computers with visualizers. This was a hectic week.
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    MAC 250 Help

    I think this is right, you can test them with a continuity tester. If there is continuity in there normal state they usually are fine. I pulled one out yesterday that got a little to hot had rather disintegrated. Don't need to pull out the meter when the part just crumbles in your hand.
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    MAC 250 Help

    Well, replacing the lamp was of the the first things. I pulled the fixture down out of a night club. Relamped and fully cleaned the fixture. I would not think the lamp itself would be a problem because it is lamping on just fine. I have reset the hours. I will try changing out the light sensor...
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    MAC 250 Help

    Hello, I am trying to trouble shoot some Mac 250 kryptons. After giving them a good cleaning I am getting a really annoying error message. They will turn on run through there calibration and give no error. I lamp them on and after a minute or two I loose control of pan and tilt, the shutters...
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    VL2500s behaving oddly

    There maybe be something wrong with your fixture profile. Try deleting it and installing a fresh copy.
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    Need booth advice...

    Well you can get a basic info red security camera for under $100. The quality will not be great but it should work to see where the actors are.
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    Need booth advice...

    Wireless is not a reliable/coast effective way to run a show. One very simple option, if it is the size of the window that is blocking your view not the balcony, try putting a platform in your booth so you can sit higher and see more of the stage. I have seen this in a lot of oddly configured...
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    Trouble with Electrics

    You might just have a lot of gunk and grime in the blocks. They can build up and make everything to heavy.
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    Grand MA 1 Remote

    I am trying to get my iPhone working as a remote for our Grand MA1. I have made sure they are working on the same network, I can ping the phone, console, and NSP from my laptop. But When I open the iPhone app nothing shows up. Is it posable that the Grand MA is running an older version of the...
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    Ammo Cans

    I use them to transport pyro... but other good ideas I have seen are gobo rotators. You can fit two in one box with a cloth to pad them. Also with really good padding they fit projector lens.