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    Design Issues and Solutions illuminators

    i have come across the challenge of illuminating ALOT of fiber optic strands. on a budget of less then $10,000. I am looking for an illuminator that is RGB must be LED, outdoor, and preferably fanless. it HAS to be DMX controllable as well. DiCon and Fiberstars both sell a similar type of...
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    mixing color kinetics and regular DMX 512

    yes its true that iplayers send dmx data but the only program that you can write shows for on the iplayer is color play. this wouldn't be a problem except that color play isnt a regular dmx writing program. it will only let you write data for fixtures with three channels. probably because color...
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    mixing color kinetics and regular DMX 512

    I came on to this project that is a residential house. The house has half DMX lights and half Color Kinetics. The color kinetics is divided onto three iplayer 3's and they want it programmed. this is becasue they have to be divided into zones and each zone needs to be triggered with control 4...