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    sound courses

    I would also recommend going to a university. That is what i am doing, although while i am here i am working for two different theater companies where i can put what i learn to use before i forget it
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    Coolest show you've ever managed

    I once ran a spot for chris botti and the city had a lot of tornadoes that night. Well, we lost power and he just kept laying in the dark, it was pretty sweet.
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    It can be in the normal range of feedback, it usually occurs at lower or higher frequencies. But in your case, if it was long and loud enough for the building to shake, then it is time to fire the old sound board op, and hire a new one.
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    Opening Night Crisis

    i hope our opening of Urinetown on the 22nd goes better.
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    Techie sayings

    my favorite was from our TD, "If the director doesn't notice it, it doesn't need to be fixed."
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    Follow Spot Cues

    That is how we do it here, and i have seen it done on the road.
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    careers in lighting

    i would suggest a BFA, simply because more people in the profession have one. Although it all depends on what you want to do after college. If you just want to be on the road and be an ME or something, then most of them are just straight out of high school, and then eventually work their way...
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    chiller module

    i have seen it done in two ways. The fist was for the Christmas Carol, we used dry ice to crate haze. We had the ghost of Christmas present have a big cup half filled with water. Then right before he went on stage, we dropped dry ice chunks into his cup, it created a low lying fog that lasted...
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    Where to hide body mics?

    it is the second national tour, i took a semester off to go tour.
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    Where to hide body mics?

    what we did for Hairspray was to hide the mics in the actors hair. We used elastic to create a loop, then ran the mic through their hair. We used a mic color similar to their hair, and then the mic laid right at the hairline. This made it impossible for anyone in the house to see, even on the...
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    Stupid Question.

    Well, i would typically agree with what people are saying about the music overpowering some of the actors, but in some cases you need some background music. I am actually working on a play right now where the entire script is underscored. The script came with some music, but because the...
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    Yamaha PM5D

    We use the 5d at our main theatre in town, and it is just amazing. I enjoy sitting in the house using the laptop to control anything if the rookie board op. screws up.
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    Post your FOH pictures

    that is a pretty sweet foh position
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    Gloves, or no gloves...

    i have gone through so many gloves, that i just opt for the cheap wal-mart gloves, so that when they start to get worn down, i dont feel bad about throwing away a cheap pair of gloves.
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    Audio cue software

    does anyone know of any good software for a mac? my professor is wanting to buy some software, but it has to be for a mac.