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    Alternatives to sharkstooth scrim material?

    Yup. PM me or call the office tomorrow and I’ll see what we have. 1-800-372-3373. I’m lucky extension 13.
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    Leg and Border Fullness

    Being a drapery sales guy I have to disagree; on principal if nothing else. :) We do default to 50% fullness for most drapes. The reasons are varied. For every PAC with a knowledgeable crew there are hundreds of schools and community theatres. Flat drapes look good if they are dressed and...
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    Trim Chains

    What is it about the trim chains you prefer? Or is it just an annoyance with the clamps? I'm not familiar with the trim plate variety. I agree. The paint marks make a big difference.
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    Trim Chains

    Wow, Bill made this pool so attractive......but my mind has always been similar. G30 isn't necessarily dangerous IMO. At a minimum there is a question over the standards. We have better solutions that have minimal added cost. We might as well utilize them if we can. Trim chains bother me far...
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    "Kicking" Loft Blocks?

    Re: Bent Pipe Perhaps the intended "0 fleet" reference doesn't exist in the same way outside our own group. We use it in a casual sense to mean we have aligned as close to perfect as our tools allow. i.e. we haven't intentionally imposed any measurable fleet. Since there is no manufacturer...
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    "Kicking" Loft Blocks?

    Re: Bent Pipe Random piece of information I haven't seen posted yet: If you do move a loft block, make sure the bolts opposite the head block get pushed tight against the steel. The idea is to push it in the direction of the load so the the bolt shanks prevent it from sliding. It's a lot...
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    After a year and a half - scrims are in sight

    What color you specifically will get the best use out of is a tough one but sounds like folks above are consistent with what I see. We sew many more black than white. White are very often supplied on the same order as a black and when people are looking to cut costs, frequently the white scrim...
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    Bottom Block Loose?

    If the block slips when pulling the rope something isn't right. Common problems are that the tension block is installed upside down or someone has lubricated the T-track. Post a picture and we maybe able to help identify the problem. -Ty
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    Roto Lock Clamps, what to do with them?

    Like so many things we use in theatre, we stole these from another industry. I believe they are primarily used for scaffolding construction. Since scaffolding/construction is a much larger market you may have some luck on ebay or a specialty construction trade marketplace. For theatre you can...
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    Looking for a rigger to evaluate my unsafe rigging in Indiana

    These guys may be able to help and there not too far away. Thomas James Productions Terre Haute, IN 47801 812-235-0900
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    In the event of run away

    As an ETCP I've been brought in after a number of accidents. Some by the venue to check things out, others by attorneys looking to establish culpability. The striking thing I've noticed is, of the accidents I've reviewed none had a single isolated event that caused the accident. In every case...
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    D-ring or Keeper plate?

    Re: Rigging order Use wood screws or thru bolts to attach your hardware (not drywall screws) and I think you have that one licked. There is a piece of hardware called a "bottom iron", may have other names too [bottom hanger iron, hooked hanger iron], that hooks under the flat. It is prefered...
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    Aircraft Cable; use of swages

    I seldom disagreed with anything MPowers posts but I'd have some reservations with this practice. In destructive testing, unless there is a defect in the wire rope, it fails at the top of the compression fitting. Most times a few strands will break flush with the fitting, the cable will...
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    Muslin drops versus canvas drops any reason to order canvas?

    It suspect the manufacturer is simply meaning their heavier weight product vs lighter weight for little more durability. We use a 200 gram / sq meter muslin for drops and it makes a nice sturdy piece. There are zillions of various muslin's with different yarn sizes and counts. The best bet is...
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    Stain on velour traveler

    Been out for a while and just saw this. Mpowers is correct - no water, no heat. By now I suspect it's dry anyway. You can use a soft brush to brush off the white chalk marks. You have to be careful if it's a woven velour (Magic, Memorable, Marvel, Majestic, etc) If you brush too vigorously the...