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    Stage Manager Wanted - Bay Area, CA

    Hey All, We're a small community theatre that is a home-away-from-home for all the people working here. None of us do it for the money, because-let's face it-in community theatre there isn't much. However, we have many experienced professionals that work elsewhere in the Bay Area. We are...
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    Ion sends stray DMX signal at power down

    I've had an Ion in our space for over 3 yrs now [we got one of the first ones off the shelves], and have had this problem since day one. We've just put it as part of our shut-down process to unplug the DMX from the board before fully shutting down. We've tried everything to get around it...
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    Howdy from Bay Area, CA

    Hey there, Travis Rexroat here from the Bay Area. New to ControlBooth, but not to the industry. Have about 10 yrs in the entertainment industry under my belt. Everything from Sound to Lighting to Projection design. I currently work as the in-house sound designer at a local theatre, and am...