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    Is VSSSD the right stuff to toughen up a foam ship?

    Actually, the original inspiration for VSSD was "Lagging Compound' used on ships to seal cracks in decks and seams on Naval vessels. The OLD stuff was fortified with Asbestos The newer is a flame retardant treated Latex based.🎶The More you know...🎶
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    American Flag Drop

    Throw plastic on the floor and hang it like any other drop unless you have a budget that allows you to have enough folks to cradle it like a sharks tooth scrim while a bunch of other people tie it on the batten. Given that most American flags are in tatters in the back of lifted pickup trucks...
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    PVC "Electrics"?

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    Constructing a weight-bearing girder set piece

    You could simply use an LVL or TGI, LVL will be much heavier, and sandwich the web with Luan or Masonite for a smoother steel look surface. Add a top and bottom 'Flange' out of a couple layers of 1/2" ply <oriented and 90° to each other> ( I mean cut a 8'x 18" wide strip the length of a sheet...
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    Caustic light effect

    Yep, sounds like a job for a 10K. We used to have to tell directors that we couldn't always accomplish what they imagined, in the real world. NOW we have to tell them they can't do on stage what they saw in a photoshopped or Aftereffects image... :rolleyes: :angryoldman: :wall:
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    I want to teach my son how to solder.

    I have a 20 something Weller station someone gave me "because it just quit working". Opened it up and found a blown fuse, soldered in a new one and it fired right up. Then I plugged in the pencil. Someone had just destroyed the windings inside. Well, It's a Weller, just need to order a new...
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    Is VSSSD the right stuff to toughen up a foam ship?

    Yes, you can apply it with a finger brush, or make a cut brush to leave what would be brush strokes in a normal paint but develop into ridges in the vssd. Rather than a knife I'd use something like a Brush Comb though I'd use the kind with rounded ends rather than the sharp ones like shown on...
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    Is VSSSD the right stuff to toughen up a foam ship?

    Les, If you are worried about losing the detail run a knife through the gap between planks and widen it up a bit. The Dope will cover small gaps. it will also, relatively easily cover the printing. You may find that you want to apply in a couple coats and consult your scenic painters if they...
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    Medium & Wide Crown staplers

    Cordless staplers? OMG these young'uns will never know the joy of hand cramps after upholstering for 4 days straight. The excited feeling of trying to squeeze the handle of your trusty Arrow t-50 stapler while standing tiptoe on a ladder are fully extended to try and reach the top of that arch...
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    Texas Scenic purchases H&H

    Yes. me as well.
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    Rigging a Helicopter

    Man! Talk about a point load!
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    Texas Scenic purchases H&H

    Texas Scenic has Purchased H&H Manufacturing, manufacturer of Counterweight Rigging components, Curtain tracks, Curtain motors. See announcement here: Texas Scenic Purchases H&H
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    Sandable coating/filling for plastic

    I'm not sure this is a good application for VSSSD unless you're able to leave a pretty rough surface from sanding. It sticks to some plastics but you might want to test first. You might want to prep the surface with a Krylon Fusion primer. It chemically bonds to the plastic You might need to go...