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    Storing painted drops: folded vs crumpled?

    Thanks everyone, appreciate the tips!
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    Storing painted drops: folded vs crumpled?

    I have a couple painted drops I'm using for a tour. In this design, the bottom of the drops are cut away irregularly, so there's nowhere for a pipe or chain pocket. In the past I've folded them, but found the creases are hard to get out without a way to weight the bottom. I'm considering...
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    Low profile wagon, Broadway-style

    Whenever I see a show on Broadway I'm always impressed by the very low profile scenery wagons, I would guess less than 1" thick. I assume these usually follow tracks and are guided and powered from under the deck. Do they use casters similar to RoseBrand's Pallet Master? I recently saw a...
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    Wizard of Oz: Tin Man Costume

    I've had good luck using camping mat foam, aka EVA foam. Just buy a camping sleeping mat at Walmart etc. Quite cheap, cuts really easily, reasonably durable, comfortable to wear, and you can glue it with a glue gun. Google "cosplay EVA foam" and you'll find tons of results from fantasy...
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    Is all polyester IFR?

    I'm wondering if all polyester is inherently flame retardant. My internet searching suggests as much. I'm making some decorative window curtains for a set, and the theatre requires them to be IFR. I'm trying to avoid buying a big bottle of Rosco product for such a small project, but also want...