Started professional life as a Computer and Systems Engineer, worked in the defense industry on many fun and challenging (usually classified) projects. After 17 years made the switch to independent contractor and did that for 10 years. Moved on to a retail operation for 10 years and then back to an independent contractor (part-time).

Now as the retirement age approaches I have found theatre and I will state that had I known about it at a much younger age I would have changed career paths in an instant. My daughter asked me to help on a show about 9 years ago and since I've been hooked. I've helped as a volunteer at the local high school for the last 7 years (now elevated to the technical advisor) and have done set design, construction, and lighting design and operation for other production groups.

Nine years ago I joined a local community theatre and was voted onto the board and now find myself thoroughly enguilfed in its restoration and technical design. We have developed a local youth theatre group and have been performing for the last 8 years, typically 3 shows a summer.

I find this part of my life to be the most rewarding - to see the fruits of your labor come to life is very comforting.

Anything to do with Technical Theatre, genealogy, travel
Upstate NY


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