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    Raspberry Pi ideas for theater.

    You can use V-Control on Raspberry Pi. It's free and open source. We provide an image for download at The image has everything you need to send Art-Net, so all you need is an Art-Net node that send DMX. MIDI is working as well, even with a 15$ USB Midi Interface. You can...
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    Raspberry Pi ideas for theater.

    Have you ever wanted a cheap, customize able shotbox? With Elgato Stream Deck this is possible now. I have developed a little software that integrates the Stream Deck into V-Control. V-Control is an open source show control system that is running on 64 Bit Windows, 64 Bit Linux and 32 Bit Linux...
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    Projection Control Software...

    You can try V-Control to control your show. It's free open source. I also use the Elgato Stream Deck with V-Control. I have a Playlist, and I can assign keys to Playlist items. The Stream Deck send these keys and fires my cues. Notice that the Elgato software has to run in the background...
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    New V-Control 4.0 Open Source Show Control Software

    I want to introduce my brand new V-Control 4.0. V-Control is (as far as I know) the only Open Source Show Control Software for professional usage. V-Control is available for Windows 64 Bit, Linux 64 Bit, Raspberry Pi 32 Bit, and soon for MacOS X. V-Control 4 is not really comparable with...
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    Any successful RS232 Serial control of a projector via a Mac?

    Are you 100% sure you have the correct command codes. I googled RS232 protocol for View Sonic projectors and found some documents. But all say POWER ON / POWER OFF POWER ON BE,EF,10,05,00,C6,FF,11,11,01,00,01,00 POWER OFF BE,EF,02,06,00,6D,D2,34,00,00,00,00
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    Any successful RS232 Serial control of a projector via a Mac?

    Can you tell me what Projector you are using? Maybe a Checksumm or Projector Address is missing.
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    sync between led controller

    No, a sync or genlock input is usually a BNC connector. The sync signal is an analogue video signal (Blackburst, Bi-Level or Tri-Level). Your LED Controller does not have a genlock / sync input (as your picture shows). If there is no "lock to input" feature in the LED controllers GUI Software...
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    sync between led controller

    Ooops, read that you're using a Datapath X4. This device has a Genlock input as well that should be connected.
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    sync between led controller

    You need to Genlock the two processors and the two signals that feed them. Some processors have a "lock to input" setting. In this case it's OK to Genlock only the two Source signals.
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    MIDI to TCP software

    You can use our free open source software V-Control ( In V-Control you can set Events (from a MIDI Box) and then run other cues if those events occur to control devices via RS232, TCP or UDP. There is one drawback in this solution. That is the MIDI Box that can used by...
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    Control Powerpoint from Express 250

    If you are able to send commands via RS232 or UDP, you can use This software runs in the background and can send keystrokes and mouse moves to an application that has the focus. I use it to control powerpoint from a show control system.
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    All in 1 Linux show control system

    Maybe it's not exactly what you want, but there is an open source show control software that runs on Linux, Windows and MAC ( V-Control ) It is not like QLab. I think the main difference is that V-Control is more a device control solution. It can not play Video or Audio by itself. V-Control is...
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    Hayride arduino control

    I think that you can work in principle with Arduino. If the scenes are far enough apart you can work with wireless transmitters. Each transmitter send a scene ID that is received by the Arduinos on the wagons. But maybe you need an extra trigger to start the each scene. The Arduinos on the...
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    Updated V-Control Show Control Software

    Today we updated our Open Source Show Control Software V-Control. This update is particularly interesting for DVS Pronto operators, because we implement two new commands for this device. The PlayClip and PlayClipCountdown commands play a part of Pronto's timeline defined by in- and out...
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    Proxima DP 8000 Control Software

    Thats right, I always thougth this should be done by a command sent to RS232 Port.