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    Techie sayings

    I've heard that you say "chookas" in order to avoid looking like a Turkey...
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    Ariel Davis Lightboard

    I really love reading the tape messages on old and slightly unfamiliar boards. "TURN THESE ON!" Very important step.
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    Technically-Minded (or not) Stage Managers

    How important do you think it is for a Stage Manager to have technical knowledge? I'm about to start working on a new production at my local theatre, and the Stage Manager has very little technical knowledge - she acts almost like the directors secretary. Now I'm not saying that this is...
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    Making a Clamshell

    SO! I'm working on a Production of "The Little Mermaid," and in one of the scenes we have the Sea Witch come out with a Clamshell :?: :!: :?: So we're reading the script over the weekend and the director looks at me and says "Hey! You can build that for us!" It needs to be about 1m wide...
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    Mirror Ball Motor from Dimmer pack???

    Cheers and thanks much to the both of you. I'll post whether or not it worked on saturday.
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    Mirror Ball Motor from Dimmer pack???

    I've got a lighting gig for this theatre company, and I've been presented with a problem I don't know the answer to. There's a mirror ball invloved, sitting above centre stage, with 2 par cans lighting it. There's no problem with lighting the Par cans, but the mirror ball motor is a problem...
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    What darkfield has failed to realise is that we also need to keep an eye on the younger techies so as to complete their assesment sheets. Can't really assess them when you can't see them.
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    dont let junior techies near a sound desk

    Sorry to reach so far back into the conversation, but zac has a great point. My theatre company currently enrols about 450 kids in drama classes, and has recently started teaching technical classes for about 60 kids. All of the teachers have at least a CerIII in some form of Technical...
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    Backstage sound systems

    Honk honk...... Goose.
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    good question scout - i'm glad you asked. basically the situation at my company is as follows: I or another "senior" techie will Stage Manage in the full sense of the term: All the preproduction stuff, and seeing the show through run and rehearsals. We have our choice of ASM, which usually...
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    My Big Fat Obnoxious Keychain

    One of the craziest was a rental that I worked on in a school last year. (My theatre company maintains a running list of techies that they 'rent' out to people - its great, keeps us in a job...) This school's policy was absolute zero tolerance on knives and blades, and thus we had to have our...
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    Your Designs

    Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis. I was SM, but we had a great lighting design. Very abstract, lots of toplight, and reflections with this big mirror. My favourite though, was the "bottom lighting" from the lights underneath plexigalss panels in the floor. A really cool and weird-looking...
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    The thanks you get as a designer a one sentance rant and GO

    John, please: Punctuation and Paragraphing. And i'd ask him how he'd do it. Patch.
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    Please Help!!!! I'm the new stage manager.

    Why is Ship so much more eloquent than the rest of us? Maybe its the 707718 words he's typed? Hmm.... Anyway! I always find that it's important that at ANY point in the production ANYONE, be it cast or crew, can approach you for a quick chat about any concerns they have. Always try and...
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    always remember producer: big brother is always watching... No no no... the camera in the booth actually pointed towards the grid, as we had seveal MX's up there to perform a couple of complicated fly's and stunts. Seriously though, to JahJah, enjoy the school and community stuff while you...