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    Alice in Wonderland

    Hey, we are actually about to open this show in my theater! What our set designer did for the doorway(the only part of our show where she changes sizes) is a video of it shrinking or growing. This works well enough, but then you also have to have it really specific for her lines and to have...
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    What's the inspiration behind your user name?

    When I first got the job I have now I was the only technician in the theater. I was coming in to replace the sound tech who was going off to college, who is a certified sound engineer, so the sound equipment was all squared away. I had done work for production services in college, so I also...
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    New (student) Sound Engineer

    Hello and welcome to ControlBooth! Yes, being shy can be a detriment; however I think that the main thing initially is to learn as much as possible, whenever possible. Just don't be afraid to ask questions! At all! I don't know how many times I bugged my bosses with questions, but it ensured...
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    Need Music

    Well, I think the best bet would be to sign up to Pandora and Enter "Iron and Wine." That is the first band that came to mind, and pandora will cycle through other bands that have roughly the same sound. Good Luck!
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    Vintage Lighting Old Fixture Collectors section

    Well, I have only old fixtures in my place, and half of those don't work, so I welcome discussion on those, as over the next few months I'll be trying my hand at tinkering and trying to get them to work.
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    Training the trainer. New techs and no idea

    I can't really add anything to what has already been said, and I agree with shiben about the ladders. I for one am not the fondest of hights, however I am always the one to go because at one point I was the only one with the experience to take the light off, and it just kinda kept going from...
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    and hello! I worked in a theater in college as a side job, and after stints at a music store and also as an elementary school music teacher I am back and loving every minute of it. My name is a result of my current situation. I was hired as a sound engineer/tech, and am now the main stage...