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    Two-way Mylar

    A quick search didn't reveal any a specific theatre application or source, but this may be the stuff: I may try to call the designer who was at the theatre I described above to see if he knows more.
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    Two-way Mylar

    This stuff does exist, because we have a mirror made with it at a small professional theatre that I work at. It has been used in at least two productions of "Scrooge" since I've been there. Looks like an ordinary mirror, but some one can "appear" in it (like Marley). When lit from behind, it...
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    Crosbys/Cable Clips/U bolts

    They make sets of sockets that fit over the magnetic posts that pop right in your screw gun's bit holder. Just take a crosby to the hardware store and find something that fits. It will make the whole job incomparably easier.
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    MDF butt joints

    What is chipboard, mayhem? Is that like masonite here? We tend to use luan- its very light weight, but it does require either filling or muslin for a smooth finish. Of course once you paint and repaint it a few times the pores are filled.
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    Making Flats?

    Ship, Its obvious you have a wealth of knowledge and a generous spirit for sharing. Its also obvious that you enjoy the technical aspects of the process and a very thorough and tidy mind. All I'm saying is when the posts get this long, I don't have the time to read them. I just saw your...
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    Your opinions of Cordless Drill-Drivers

    I have a Ryobi 14.4 volt. has a nice balance. I have for years resisted going to 18 volt. They are good for carpenters who may be running screws through 2 bys but 14.4 is plenty of power for most theatrical applications. I have used 24 volts, but at this point, get out the corded and the...
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    MDF butt joints

    Mayhem, One of the problems with a forum like this and havinh high school kids asking the questions, is we rarely get the whole picture. As I said in my first post, I agree with Ship, why MDF in the first place? Especially if this is a drop box as it appears. I almost never use MDF in the...
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    MDF butt joints

    Sorry I was so blunt, Mayhem, and thankyou for not taking it personally. I have also run tests with these glues, and they are amazingly strong, but you have to get just the right thickness of glue line and the surfaces must be in close contact. This means either clamping or extremely accurate...
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    Need help on Scrim death effect.

    Probably one or two instruments upstage of the scrim will do the trick. Perhaps an very steep top light with no color for a dramatic effect. Or alternately light from the floor or sides with instruments almost in the same plain as the actor. For added effect pump in some smoke if you have a...
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    Scrim Lighting

    Double post, sorry.
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    Scrim Lighting

    Radman, I gather you already have the scrim and that is why you are using it? Otherwise you don't need a scrim if you are never going to see behind it. So if you have options, just use a blue drop or light a cyc blue or whatever colors you want. If you have strip lights, this will allow...
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    Home made gobo?

    Obviously, unless you want to burn it off. :lol:
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    MDF butt joints

    BTW, the term rebate as used by our English friend would be rabbet in this country. It is a simple notch running the length of the panel- very hard to describe with out a picture. If you set your table saw to cut 1/4" and lower the blade to about 3/8", and then run the panel through twice...
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    MDF butt joints

    I agree with Ship here. 1. I would never use MDF for a box that will be dropped and handled in a rough way. Why MDF? What advantage does it give you? Just make it out of plywood. 2. If I had to use MDF, I would biscuit and glue it, and use a brad nailer. Alternately a spline on the table...
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    If its not too late, I'll give you a few ideas, Smatticus. I wouldn't expect results that are too realistic, and don't think its necessary or even desirable for a dance decor. For palms, try a trunk of a 2x4 with a trunk shape cut out of 3/4 ply and screwed to the face to make a T in section...