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    Sound f/x Show Cue Systems - feedback?

    Awesome info - thanks to all who have replied! Will keep wary of the video aspect to try not to overload it.
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    Sound f/x Show Cue Systems - feedback?

    Hello - any one used this software live? Its from an aussie company ( I have some great software from aussie companies) called Show Cue Systems... I have messed around with the demo and like it but and like that it also does video. I have a new windows laptop I...
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    Mic Tape for sweaty actors

    FWIW I use Topstick or Toupee Tape (search for Hairdirect .com for cheap good sticking tape strips) for exceptionally sweaty actors - since toupee tape is typically double sided I then cover the top sticky side with normal transpore. Toupee tape is extremely strong durable tape that can...
  4. Telex Intercom Wiring Configurations

    Common Telex Wiring configurations for their Intercom Headsets:
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    Anyone attend ETC's CUE?

    FWIW, I went to the first CUE and it was a great time and lots of fun. Fred and his ice cream cart were great fun and everyone was very helpful and friendly. Lots of upfront personal time with EOS, ION, Element etc and all of ETC's products. ETC's staff were excellent and very accommodating...
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    MP2 Up-loader for Martin Mac 2k

    Yes!! Very much so - PM is in your mailbox. Thank You!! -w
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    MP2 Up-loader for Martin Mac 2k

    Hello all, I am looking to buy a good/used & working Martin MP2 Software DMX Uploader & card. Please Note this is NOT the MPBB1 updater - I already have one of those. The MP-2 is discontinued and I am in need of one for my space. Bonus points to you if it has all the MAC 2k software updates...
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    ETC Prodigy Variable Speed Hoist System and Foundation Control System Demo

    In addition to what derick said - if I recall their system is also limited to a 50' maximum travel and no more (in order to maintain the size, weight and footprint of the rig) - so for many arena's it would not work. They designed it to fit the high school and some college theater markets and...
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    Mic Problems

    fwiw....for places where condoms may not be well received, replace with powder-free latex gloves [or nitrile for those w/latex allergies] and they will work great. -w
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    New Products Unveiled at CUE: ETC GIO, LED S4

    Re: New Product(s) to be Unveiled at CUE: ETC GIO, LED S4 Central time, at least my GPS says its central, but my blackberry is still stuck in eastern. Yay verizon... -w
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    Ideas for a Kids Lighting Workshop

    Couple things I do in some classes for kids--You can teach them about shadows and lighting angles--how things change in appearance as a light rotates around a person or set item like a vase or lamp...put a few ERS or Fresnel on a rolling rover/pipe and base from various angles...not just side...
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    Favorite Knife or Knife Brand

    For production work--Spyderco... Carried one form or another of this brand of knife for over 15 years....from full serrated to half/half blade style...hooked or bird-beak blade to curved or flat...really durable sharp knives for production work. Tried many brands and varieties over the years as...
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    1U Rackmount CD-Player

    Oh--probably should note however on the Denons--if you are looking to trigger both decks for simultanious playback from the IR remote (for one live, and one redundant backup to switch over in case of skipping)--one IR remote will not trigger both decks at the same time. But it will on the...
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    1U Rackmount CD-Player

    Yes--same track selector knob. FWIW I have both the tascams CD01UPro and the denon 620's--both are very good units overall for performance. -w
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    What kind of cams are these?

    The W is for the WOW! factor of the cable....cause folks use it and always go WOW!... ;) -w